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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Naughty bus ride

Stood on the bus, Jess wondered again why she chose this way to get to and from work. The heat was cloying and not helped by the press of people, all desperate to get home and put their day's work behind them. The bus pulled into the next stop and she cursed inwardly at the crowd waiting to board, this journey really was going downhill fast. Against all odds everyone squeezed aboard and as the bus moved off with a sudden jolt, Jess was grabbed as someone lost their balance. 

She turned, fully intending to give this person a piece of her mind but found the words would not come as she found herself staring at the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Everything about him screamed perfection, his stylish suit tailored to fit his athletic frame, his deep blue eyes and apologetic smile. He leaned in to murmur his apology into her ear and she breathed in the spicy scent of his cologne. He was pushed against her again as the bus stopped to let even more people on, this time she had to grab him to prevent herself falling. His body was so hard, it was like he was carved from granite. She held on longer than was strictly necessary but he did not seem to mind. Gradually the pressure eased as people disembarked but he stayed close, gazing into her eyes. 

There was something happening here, his eyes spoke of a hunger and she was willing to be devoured. Jess's stop arrived, she looked him in the eye and gave an apologetic shrug and she made to get off. Disappointed that whatever this was had to end. He reached out and grabbed her arm, spinning her back to face him, he leaned down and kissed her. Melting into him Jess forgot all about her stop. The bus pulled away and he smiled and told her that she should stay on for just a little longer with him. What was she doing?, a fleeting thought of caution was overridden by passion, as he kissed her once more.

They disembarked together at the next stop, he took hold of her hand and led her into the park, more specifically the wooded area to the side. Jess could not believe she was letting a stranger lead her like this but she felt powerless to resist. He pushed her up against a tree, and pushed his lips against hers, the kiss becoming heated and frantic as his hand moved up the inside of her thigh, lifting her dress with it. 

Wasting no time his fingers found her sex through her panties as he began to stimulate her. His kiss moved to her neck, and she was aware of her breath coming in ragged gasps. Her sex was tingling as his fingers traced over the thin layer of fabric, she was going to cum any minute, this was so delicious. He suddenly knelt in front of her and holding her dress up with one hand he pulled her now damp panties aside with his other.

The feel of his tongue, directly on her sex sent a shockwave of pleasure through her body and Jess bit her lip to prevent herself crying out. There were other people in the park, if anyone heard a noise they would look over and see them and as self conscious as she felt there was no stopping this. He had her clitoris now, sucking it and playing it against his teeth, she tried to hold off but the orgasm crashed over and through her, obliterating her senses. She stood shuddering against the tree as the aftershocks rippled through her. She felt brazen, free for the first time. Jess realised she had been waiting her whole life for this moment and she was going to grasp it with both hands.

He stood, pinning her against the tree, his kiss holding the promise off the passion to come. The taste of her sex was musky on his lips and tongue, she tangled her fingers in his hair lest he pull away. There was no danger of that, he had freed himself from his trousers and she gasped as he picked her up and pushed roughly into her. Jess wrapped her legs around him, pulling him tight to her, the pleasure of each hard thrust offset by the rough bark digging into her back. 

This was no romantic liaison, this was primal need. They were both breathing hard, she was kissing his neck but had to bite down on his shoulder as another orgasm took her, nearly making her cry out. He gave no sign of pain but thrust harder and deeper inside her, his fingers digging cruelly into her hips as he poured his release into her, she felt his warmth deep inside as he sagged against her, crushing her against the tree. 

Slowly he gathered himself and leaned back, allowing her to draw a breath. He looked into her eyes and smiled, she smiled back and suggested he might put her down now. Laughing he lowered her to the floor and they both sorted out their clothing before he led her to the bus stop.whilst they waited for the bus, he confessed to Jess that he should have got off the bus earlier but had stayed on because of how stunning she looked. 

Exchanging numbers, he promised her a call to arrange a get together, that would blow this experience away. He was so sure and confident that Jess knew she would be sitting by the phone, eager for him to make good on that promise.