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Sunday, 29 June 2014


Sue felt horny, really horny. Looking at the clock she realised she still had three hours left at work before she could go home. The office around her was a bustling hive of activity, everyone was working flat out to get the project finished. It was the culmination of months of hard work and the reason for her current state of arousal. Sue had spent the past month working closely with Paul in the conference room, Paul was a man in his physical prime, well dressed, extremely good looking and ‘oh god’ did he smell great. Sue wanted him now, over the desk, against the wall, on the floor, it did not really matter where she just wanted him.

From her vantage point across the room she shuffled the paper in the folder she was clutching, whilst looking over the top at his pert arse. He was reaching across the table pulling the fabric tight over his buttocks. Sue felt the heat surge between her legs, she must have made a sound because he looked over his shoulder at her. She met Paul’s gaze and was about to say something incredibly stupid to cover her embarrassment when she saw his eyes dart away for a split second. It was at that moment that something seemed to shift in the room, it was nothing physical but Paul stumbled against the table and flushed bright red. He recovered himself quickly but it left Sue mystified, why did he keep glancing over at her?

Then Sue realised she had let her legs drift a little apart, and wearing her thigh length dress, she was leaving very little to the imagination. Closing her legs, Sue tried to focus on her work but all she could think about was Paul looking up her dress. Looking over at him she could see he still kept looking over at her, she felt so powerful, in control. Waiting till he was looking again she opened her legs, not just a little this time but enough so that he knew she was letting him see. Sue had thought she felt horny before, but now there was a raging fire between her legs, there would be no doubt the evidence was showing on the fabric of her panties. Paul was staring again and his mouth was hanging open.

Sue let him look, she placed a hand on her knee and traced a line up the inside of her thigh, dragging the hem of her dress with it. Paul was facing her now and there was an obvious bulge in his trousers that promised a sizeable surprise. Sue was surprised at how far she was going and how much she was enjoying it, especially knowing that at any moment someone else could walk in to the conference room. Her fingers had reached her panties now, she shuddered in pleasure as her fingers felt her sex through the damp fabric. Paul sat on the edge of the table and watched the show, Sue pulled her panties to one side inserted a finger, she was going to come any second and welcomed the release. Biting her lip she finally felt the release she had been aching for.

Finished, Sue put her panties back in place and pulled her dress down. She closed her legs and went back to work. Paul, still perched on the side of the table was doing a passable impression of a gold fish as his mouth opened and closed with no sound coming out. It was a relief having released some of that pent up pressure but as good as her fingers were she wanted Paul inside her. After a few minutes of making him stew, Sue walked over to him and put her finger in his mouth, she told him that when work finished for the day she expected him to pay her back for the show tenfold. Time seemed to fly by for her but by look on his face Paul was feeling every minute as if it was an hour. Every time she could, Sue let him see up her dress or down at her cleavage, each glimpse seemed to make him more uptight and she gloried in her new found power.

That night Paul made good on her demands although he pretty much exploded at Sues first touch, the night was long and full of pleasure. Sue agreed to hook up with Paul again and agreed instantly to not wearing panties to the restaurant, loving the thought he could look up her skirt and see her without anyone else knowing. That date turned them on so much it ended with them screwing in a park, her skirt hitched up as he bent her over a bench. Who would have thought that a little bit of exhibitionism could be such fun.....