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Monday, 6 January 2014

Angel on the dancefloor

Gemma was distracted, the noise of the concert washed over her but her attention was not on the stage, but on the vision of beauty, dancing and laughing ten paces to her left. She felt her heart racing and the flush of blood in her cheeks, the effect this woman was having on her was fast becoming physical. A growing warmth, an intense pleasure, the beat of the music pulsing through her body had her teetering on the edge. Gemma was mesmerised by this goddess, the way she moved in that dress, dear god that dress! it clung to her figure showing off her classic curves.

Each sway of her hips pulling the fabric a little higher, slowly revealing more of her thigh. Gemma found her eyes once more making their way from the killer heels, up perfectly shaped legs to the start of the red fabric which was now a little above mid thigh. She allowed her gaze to wander higher, up to those hips, moving seductively in time with the beat. That same beat which seemed to be pulsing inside her now, turning the warmth into a raging fire of desire and lust.

Never before had Gemma felt this aroused whilst out in public and certainly not for a stranger. Her eyes moved higher, noting the fabric creasing as it rode up, Gemma flicked a glance back down as she found herself thinking that if the dress rode much higher she would be able to see what panties this angel was wearing. Feeling a pang of disappointment as the dress was still too low, Gemma raised her eyes instead to the dangerously revealing neckline. There was nothing subtle here, the dress was designed with cleavage in mind and this angel had cleavage to show. Again the dress disappointed Gemma, it hinted and teased but did not fully reveal. Everything about this dress was designed perfectly, to titillate and excite.

Gemma looked higher and gasped in shock, her heart jack-hammering in her chest as she found herself making eye contact. Her face flushed and she imagined her face was redder than the dress she had been staring at. The Angel laughed aloud at Gemma's obvious discomfort, and to make it very clear she had noticed Gemma's longing gaze she gave a salacious wink and bowed slowly from her waist. Gemma could not help but stare as the Angel's breasts came so very close to breaking free. Still bent at the waist the Angel looked up and again made eye contact. A smile played on her lips as she again caught Gemma staring, causing her to flush red once more. Never had Gemma felt so self conscious and embarrassed. Like a moth drawn to a flame, Gemma could not break her gaze away from the Angel's sultry hazel eyes.

The Angel beckoned her over and she had no choice to obey, her feet were moving before she had a chance to change her mind. As the distance closed, Gemma studied this vision of beauty before her. Dark wavy hair that cascaded down to and over her shoulders. She stood at around five and a half feet tall in her heels, her hazel eyes smouldered and her full painted lips promised delights untold. Finally Gemma stood before her, the Angel leaned in and over the blaring music told Gemma her name 'Rachel'. Gemma was acutely aware of Rachel's body close to hers, and the heat that had been forgotten in her embarrassment flared once more. Gemma went to say her name in Rachel's ear but was surprised when Rachel turned her head and their lips met. Gemma pulled back in shock, but did not get far, as Rachel pulled her back into an embrace. The kiss was electric and the sudden passion threatened to overwhelm her.

Gemma let herself be led from the club, this was not like her at all. They moved into a doorway that offered a little privacy, Gemma tried to introduce herself again, but was again interrupted by a kiss. There was wanton abandon in the kiss, passion that could not be contained. Gemma ran her hands down Rachel's back, feeling her respond to her touch, lower she ran her hands as the kiss deepened. It was not only Gemma taking the opportunity for a little exploration, she moaned in pleasure against Rachel's lips as she felt her hand move up the inside of her thigh.

The touch was stoking the fire in her sex, Gemma pressed her lips harder against Rachel's, pulling her body closer. Rachel responded by running her fingers over Gemma's now wet panties, drawing a gasp of pleasure and one word from her lips, spoken in a husky whisper "pleeease". she was not disappointed as Rachel rubbed harder against her sex. Gemma moved her hips to maximise the pressure on her most sensitive node. She broke the kiss, gasping for breath, one hand pulling Rachel harder against her, the other tangled in her hair and as an orgasm ripped through her body. She gasped out her name in Rachel's ear before sagging, spent, against her. Peppering Rachel's lips with soft kisses, Gemma agreed instantly when Rachel said 'how about we head back to my place...."

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