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Monday, 21 July 2014

A memory of love

The memory has always stayed with me of that last summer before my parents moved us away. I don't think the sun ever shined so bright, as when I was ten years old. The old neighbourhood, made up of tired, run down housing on the edge of the desert. A beat up old park, more sand than grass was the centre of my universe and just down the street. There was always the promise of adventure as me and my friends transported ourselves to distant times and other worlds.

The old climbing frame was the hub of our adventures, It was sometimes a tank; sometimes a time machine and sometime a place to hangout and make plans. On my last day there was no where else I would be. I had stayed after my friends had left, no yet willing to give up this magical place, hanging by my knees, feeling the blood rush to my head, pounding a regular beat. I looked around at an unfamiliar noise, a gentle squeak followed by a thump, that was getting closer. Upside down as I was, I could not turn enough to get a proper look without falling from my perch.

The squeak and thump were getting louder, I had hauled myself back up and found myself looking down at a beautiful girl in a paisley dress making her way towards me on her pogo-stick. Sarah was in my class at at school and I was deeply in love with her, all my friends at the time knew it and teased me mercilessly. She had made her way towards me, nearly falling off as she attempted a quick wave. My mouth went dry, I was going to have to speak to her, what on earth was I going to say?

Sarah finally made it over to me. My heart was pounding in my chest and my face flushed as I had climbed down to meet her. There was an uncomfortable silence whilst Sarah had gotten her breath back and I had stood there staring at my trainers. There was so much I wanted to say to her but time was my bitter enemy, I had felt a surge of anger then, at my life and my Parents for ruining it. It is amazing the difference time makes, knowing now, as I do that the decision was the right one, does not change the feeling of righteous anger I had felt at that moment.

Sarah was the first one to break the silence, “so you leave today?” I had looked up at her face then, something in her voice, a nervousness I had not heard before. Her face had been flushed too, I had thought it was just from using the pogo-stick but she seemed to be having trouble meeting my eyes as well. I had replied sadly “first thing tomorrow morning, to beat the traffic”. “Oh” was all she said, a determined look appeared on her face, before she had suddenly stepped forward and planted a quick kiss on my lips.

Before I could even begin to recover she pulled an envelope out of her pocket, thrust it into my hands and carrying her pogo-stick under her arm beat a hasty retreat. I swear my mouth must have been opening and closing like a goldfish, I had looked down at the envelope and back up at the dwindling figure of Sarah. I had watched until Sarah was completely out of sight before ripping open the envelope to find out what treasure was within.

I pulled out a letter and read its contents again and again until the light was to bad to see the words. The letter remains with me to this day, like me, it is a little faded and more than a little the worse for wear. I think back to that glorious Summer all those years ago, when the Sun was shining the brightest it has ever been. I realise that it was not an ending that day but a beginning.

I can only hope you feel the same,
thoughts of you not being here make me sad.
Please write to me every week
and I will do the same.
that way, no matter how far,
we will still be together.

Yours always,

I told the story and read out the letter at my 21st birthday party and we all laughed; I did the same thing on our wedding day, my beautiful Sarah and you cried; I told our children and grand children and we both cried; now as I hold your hand and tell our story to you, one last time, it is only me crying. I do not know if you can still hear me, but I want you to know, my feelings are still as bright as that summer so many years ago. Death is not the end, merely a new beginning, where I will be with you once more.  

Sunday, 29 June 2014


Sue felt horny, really horny. Looking at the clock she realised she still had three hours left at work before she could go home. The office around her was a bustling hive of activity, everyone was working flat out to get the project finished. It was the culmination of months of hard work and the reason for her current state of arousal. Sue had spent the past month working closely with Paul in the conference room, Paul was a man in his physical prime, well dressed, extremely good looking and ‘oh god’ did he smell great. Sue wanted him now, over the desk, against the wall, on the floor, it did not really matter where she just wanted him.

From her vantage point across the room she shuffled the paper in the folder she was clutching, whilst looking over the top at his pert arse. He was reaching across the table pulling the fabric tight over his buttocks. Sue felt the heat surge between her legs, she must have made a sound because he looked over his shoulder at her. She met Paul’s gaze and was about to say something incredibly stupid to cover her embarrassment when she saw his eyes dart away for a split second. It was at that moment that something seemed to shift in the room, it was nothing physical but Paul stumbled against the table and flushed bright red. He recovered himself quickly but it left Sue mystified, why did he keep glancing over at her?

Then Sue realised she had let her legs drift a little apart, and wearing her thigh length dress, she was leaving very little to the imagination. Closing her legs, Sue tried to focus on her work but all she could think about was Paul looking up her dress. Looking over at him she could see he still kept looking over at her, she felt so powerful, in control. Waiting till he was looking again she opened her legs, not just a little this time but enough so that he knew she was letting him see. Sue had thought she felt horny before, but now there was a raging fire between her legs, there would be no doubt the evidence was showing on the fabric of her panties. Paul was staring again and his mouth was hanging open.

Sue let him look, she placed a hand on her knee and traced a line up the inside of her thigh, dragging the hem of her dress with it. Paul was facing her now and there was an obvious bulge in his trousers that promised a sizeable surprise. Sue was surprised at how far she was going and how much she was enjoying it, especially knowing that at any moment someone else could walk in to the conference room. Her fingers had reached her panties now, she shuddered in pleasure as her fingers felt her sex through the damp fabric. Paul sat on the edge of the table and watched the show, Sue pulled her panties to one side inserted a finger, she was going to come any second and welcomed the release. Biting her lip she finally felt the release she had been aching for.

Finished, Sue put her panties back in place and pulled her dress down. She closed her legs and went back to work. Paul, still perched on the side of the table was doing a passable impression of a gold fish as his mouth opened and closed with no sound coming out. It was a relief having released some of that pent up pressure but as good as her fingers were she wanted Paul inside her. After a few minutes of making him stew, Sue walked over to him and put her finger in his mouth, she told him that when work finished for the day she expected him to pay her back for the show tenfold. Time seemed to fly by for her but by look on his face Paul was feeling every minute as if it was an hour. Every time she could, Sue let him see up her dress or down at her cleavage, each glimpse seemed to make him more uptight and she gloried in her new found power.

That night Paul made good on her demands although he pretty much exploded at Sues first touch, the night was long and full of pleasure. Sue agreed to hook up with Paul again and agreed instantly to not wearing panties to the restaurant, loving the thought he could look up her skirt and see her without anyone else knowing. That date turned them on so much it ended with them screwing in a park, her skirt hitched up as he bent her over a bench. Who would have thought that a little bit of exhibitionism could be such fun.....

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


I have been reading some authors who write about Submissive and Dominant relationships. This poem is inspired by this topic of which I am still pretty ignorant......

Bound by one in whom I trust,

a surrender of my will.

Obey my sir I know I must,

or a punishment he will fulfil.

So I can please and sate his lust,

his training he does instill.

Until time ends and all is dust,

I will submit to him still.

Monday, 24 February 2014


Water ran in rivulets down the mould infested wall. The cold and damp sat heavy on her chest causing a wracking cough. Time had ceased to have meaning in this place, all she could do was watch the water on its inevitable journey and restart the count that the cough had interupted. She was not sure what she was counting up to, but it helped pass the time. There was only one thing she could count on, the regular visit from Him.

He never said anything, but she always knew when he was there. Stood at the door to her cell He would watch quietly, she had, at first stared with defiance at the door, meeting his unseen gaze. Over time her gaze had begun to waver, de-hydrated and hungry she felt her resolve weaken. She still felt shame burning bright as she recalled her complete break down, begging him for food and water, promising him anything in return. She had meant every word and had sobbed with relief as she was rewarded with a little water.

Her mind wandered, again she stood at the boot of her car, reaching in, to place box containing the Christmas present she had bought for her son. At the thought of James she curled herself into a ball and let the tears flow. When she regained control, she started the count again, one, two, three... fifty eight, fifty nine..... the box again, into the boot, the shadow of movement, a phantom behind her reaching around her..... seventy three, seventy four..... a sharp pain in her neck before everything went dark.

One hundred and eight, one hundred and nine.... another racking cough that affected her whole body but this time not the count. Time continued to pass, her internal count continued as she watched the water on its journey down the wall, always the same journey... two hundred and three, two hundred and four... opening up the boot of her car, picking the box for James, excited at the thought of his face on Christmas morning. A flicker as a shadow passes behind her, a sharp pain and then blackness.

He stands at the door, watching her as she sobs, curled into a ball. She counts out loud, this is new and therefore interesting. He loves to watch his girls, his favourite so far is this one, she took longer to break. There is no doubt now that she is broken and he feels sad, he fingered the blade in his hands and considers when he will sever the connection. As sad as he feels there is also excitement at the prospect of ending this relationship in his own special way.

The counting has stopped now and he knows she is aware of his presence. He stands there remembering all of the good times they have shared together, the silence is a comfortable one, both at ease with each other, there is no need for words any more. Now in this moment he realises that the time is now. She must realise this as well, because although he has not moved yet, she has moved into the corner and is whimpering quietly.

He has been watching her for a while, this time it feels different, a peculiar feeling that makes her skin crawl. She crawls to the corner, seeking refuge, she is whispering James name over and over again. She is too weak to prevent the inevitable, she knows this, but the protective mantra of her sons name gives her a small measure of comfort and hope. It is not enough, the door opens and hope disappears with a blinding light.

He enters the room, watching her cover her eyes, he knows the pain she will be feeling in this the first light she has seen in their two month relationship. He is not worried she will see his face, he wants her to see him. The last thing she will see, will be the love in his eyes, he knows this will give her the ultimate peace.

He felt great, it was a good day to be alive. The sun was shining, bright, in the sky, as he walked up the path to his front door. He put the key in the lock and as he opened the door he smiled in rememberence of that final moment, his last goodbye to his love, the acceptence in her eyes. He was bought back to reality by a whirlwind of energy flying into his arms “Daddy, you're home!!”   

Sunday, 19 January 2014


The day was glorious, the sun high in the clear blue sky adding the illusion of warmth to these coastal waters. Light filtered down, casting shadows from the coral and the fish swimming by onto the golden sand below. The weight of the scuba equipment was negated by the bouyancy of the water as he swam, it was almost possible to forget it was there. Sam was used to wearing the equipment now, having been on an intensive training course, to get ready for this moment, this hunt for lost treasure. What he was seeking was not treasure in the traditional sense but something that was taken from him.

The current tried to take him towards the shore, a gentle yet insistent pressure. Resisting this tidal pull with a kick from his flippers, he moved lower towards the sea bed. Sam was sure it was close, he had many failed attempts in the past year but this time he was sure, it felt right. Lost in thoughts of the past Sam almost missed a glint out the corner of his eye. Scanning the sand below he saw it again, over to his left, a definite sparkle. A powerful kick of his legs helped him close the distance. Was this it, had he finally found it? Sam used his hand to brush away some sand. Finally it was his again.

It was just like he remembered, a smooth, metallic disc with a picture etched onto its surface. Being submerged had not affected it at all, not one spot of rust marred its beauty. The picture was that of a snake, curled into a spiral, an image he could draw from memory, even though he had not seen the original for seventeen years. He scooped it up and placed it in a bag with some unusual shells he had gathered during his search. Excitement building, he made his way back to the boat he had hired.

Safely aboard, he got out of his scuba gear, towelled off. Having donned jeans and a plain t-shirt he moved to the table and emptied the bag. Shells cascaded across the surface whilst the disk just hit with a solid thump, it landed with the image face up, but he remembered it always had. Seeing it here on the table, so close, took him back to the last time he saw it. He had been twelve years old, his parents had kept it in a safe, on board their yacht, a safe that Sam had known the code to. He had discovered the disc a few months earlier and felt strangely drawn to it. There was something about the spiral that spoke to him, Sam had felt like it belonged with him. He used to take it out to look at when he could, but he never had it for long, always he had been worried about being caught.

Seventeen years ago Sam had been holding the disc when his mother had walked into the room, he was so focused on it, so close to a discovery, every second bringing him closer to understanding, that he never heard her panicked yell for his father. The disk had been ripped from his grasp, his vision swam and all he could see was hazy dots making everything seem spotty. He had staggered after his father, crying out for the disk, desperately trying to explain how close he was to understanding, but unable to form the words in his disorientated state. Finally catching up with his father in time to watch him hurl the disk into the sea. There was no splash, it just entered the waves and sank beneath the surface. His father had reached out and cradled his face, looking him in the eyes, asking over and over if he was okay. The shock of seeing how worried and pale his father was, finally cleared the cloud of confusion that had been fogging up his mind. After that day the disc was never mentioned again, if he tried to bring it up the subject was changed, eventually he stopped asking, but never forgot.

Now, years later he had found it again. Looking down at the table Sam felt a certainty, that he was always meant to find it again, he had the strangest feeling, if he had not found it, then it would have found him. It was a feeling that had the hairs on his arms rise up along with goosebumps. Sam sat down and reached for the disc, but nerves got the better of him and he let his hands fall to his lap. He reached out again and stopped, finally he pulled himself together and took hold of it. The disc felt cold at first but started to warm quickly as his eyes followed the spiral towards the centre, he kept following the curves round and round, the disc was getting hotter and still he had not reached the end.

Time passed and he sat there lost in the spiral, the heat from the disk becoming uncomfortable, his vision focused on the spiral and only the spiral. The day waned into night and he did not notice the luminescence that allowed his journey to continue, feeling close to the end but never quite reaching his goal. The heat intensified, and he struggled to keep hold but could not let go, then the light grew so bright that he cried out in shock before slumping unconscious to the floor.

Sam awoke to the soothing sound of the ocean, lapping against the side of the boat, but something felt wrong, the boat was not moving with the tide any more. He stood slowly, hands rubbing at his temples, trying to massage away the throbbing pain. Sam looked around for the disk but there was no sign, he turned the room upside down but there was nothing. His head was hurting and his mouth was dry, heading to the galley he drank straight from the carton of juice left there. All the while, he racked his brain for an explanation of what had happened but came up short.

His thirst quenched, the pain in his head subsiding, Sam decided to head up to the deck and find out what was up with the boat. Poking his head up through the hatch he quickly realised the problem, the boat was grounded on the beach. If the grounded boat was his only problem he would have been okay, but unfortunately he had no idea where he had run ashore. There was nothing familiar at all, as far as he could make out there was not any obvious signs of habitation. There was a hill close by and he decided to see what a higher view point might yield.

The climb was not overly strenuous but by the time he reached the hilltop his head was throbbing again and he was breathing heavily. The view was spectacular, the island Sam was on was small and he could see all the way around from here, there were other islands nearby and thankfully he recognised one. A giant wave of relief washed over him and he felt the best he had all day. He made his way back to the beach and examining the boat he could not see any signs of damage, his day was getting better, now if only he could get this boat afloat again.

As he considered his options he felt a tingling sensation in the palm of his hands, he turned them up to get a better look and was shock to see the spiral design on each hand. Sam traced it with his fingers and could feel the raised, slightly inflamed flesh. The tingle grew more pronounced and then the heat began, he ran to the waters edge and thrust his hands into the waves, shocked at the hissing as water flash boiled. The tingling stopped, and he pulled his hands from the surf and looked at the now clear image on each palm.

His hands felt fine, and running his fingers over the images there was no evidence of anything unusual, just his normal skin. Sam could not stop looking at the picture, it was identical on each hand and rather than disfiguring it looked like it belonged there. This whole affair was shaping up to be a unique and intense experience. He walked back to the boat, his mind working overtime trying to process everything. All he wanted to do was get aboard and grab a drink, not juice this time. The tide had moved further out and so he had time to kill, he climbed aboard and made his way to the galley.

As he poured a Southern Comfort, he found himself wishing he was afloat again, so he could get home and do some reasearch, he desperately wanted some answers. As he moved to take a seat, a strange tingle in his palms distracted him and then he nearly lost his balance as the boat lurched. Sam rushed up to the deck and stopped dead in his tracks. It could not be, the boat was afloat again and already quite a distance from the shore. Sam looked down at his palms in wonder, could he have done this?.......

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Heaven Sent

What once was still,
as hard as stone.
Now is fluid,
in this shell of bone.

What thunderous noise,
such dizzying sound.
Replaces the silence,
within which I was bound.

This feeling of freedom,
this lack of restraint.
This purity of emotion,
which nothing can taint.

For all of this,
to whom do I owe?
Who is the one,
that to me did bestow.

There can only be one answer,
one reply which rings true.
The giver of these gifts,
My Angel is you.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Angel on the dancefloor

Gemma was distracted, the noise of the concert washed over her but her attention was not on the stage, but on the vision of beauty, dancing and laughing ten paces to her left. She felt her heart racing and the flush of blood in her cheeks, the effect this woman was having on her was fast becoming physical. A growing warmth, an intense pleasure, the beat of the music pulsing through her body had her teetering on the edge. Gemma was mesmerised by this goddess, the way she moved in that dress, dear god that dress! it clung to her figure showing off her classic curves.

Each sway of her hips pulling the fabric a little higher, slowly revealing more of her thigh. Gemma found her eyes once more making their way from the killer heels, up perfectly shaped legs to the start of the red fabric which was now a little above mid thigh. She allowed her gaze to wander higher, up to those hips, moving seductively in time with the beat. That same beat which seemed to be pulsing inside her now, turning the warmth into a raging fire of desire and lust.

Never before had Gemma felt this aroused whilst out in public and certainly not for a stranger. Her eyes moved higher, noting the fabric creasing as it rode up, Gemma flicked a glance back down as she found herself thinking that if the dress rode much higher she would be able to see what panties this angel was wearing. Feeling a pang of disappointment as the dress was still too low, Gemma raised her eyes instead to the dangerously revealing neckline. There was nothing subtle here, the dress was designed with cleavage in mind and this angel had cleavage to show. Again the dress disappointed Gemma, it hinted and teased but did not fully reveal. Everything about this dress was designed perfectly, to titillate and excite.

Gemma looked higher and gasped in shock, her heart jack-hammering in her chest as she found herself making eye contact. Her face flushed and she imagined her face was redder than the dress she had been staring at. The Angel laughed aloud at Gemma's obvious discomfort, and to make it very clear she had noticed Gemma's longing gaze she gave a salacious wink and bowed slowly from her waist. Gemma could not help but stare as the Angel's breasts came so very close to breaking free. Still bent at the waist the Angel looked up and again made eye contact. A smile played on her lips as she again caught Gemma staring, causing her to flush red once more. Never had Gemma felt so self conscious and embarrassed. Like a moth drawn to a flame, Gemma could not break her gaze away from the Angel's sultry hazel eyes.

The Angel beckoned her over and she had no choice to obey, her feet were moving before she had a chance to change her mind. As the distance closed, Gemma studied this vision of beauty before her. Dark wavy hair that cascaded down to and over her shoulders. She stood at around five and a half feet tall in her heels, her hazel eyes smouldered and her full painted lips promised delights untold. Finally Gemma stood before her, the Angel leaned in and over the blaring music told Gemma her name 'Rachel'. Gemma was acutely aware of Rachel's body close to hers, and the heat that had been forgotten in her embarrassment flared once more. Gemma went to say her name in Rachel's ear but was surprised when Rachel turned her head and their lips met. Gemma pulled back in shock, but did not get far, as Rachel pulled her back into an embrace. The kiss was electric and the sudden passion threatened to overwhelm her.

Gemma let herself be led from the club, this was not like her at all. They moved into a doorway that offered a little privacy, Gemma tried to introduce herself again, but was again interrupted by a kiss. There was wanton abandon in the kiss, passion that could not be contained. Gemma ran her hands down Rachel's back, feeling her respond to her touch, lower she ran her hands as the kiss deepened. It was not only Gemma taking the opportunity for a little exploration, she moaned in pleasure against Rachel's lips as she felt her hand move up the inside of her thigh.

The touch was stoking the fire in her sex, Gemma pressed her lips harder against Rachel's, pulling her body closer. Rachel responded by running her fingers over Gemma's now wet panties, drawing a gasp of pleasure and one word from her lips, spoken in a husky whisper "pleeease". she was not disappointed as Rachel rubbed harder against her sex. Gemma moved her hips to maximise the pressure on her most sensitive node. She broke the kiss, gasping for breath, one hand pulling Rachel harder against her, the other tangled in her hair and as an orgasm ripped through her body. She gasped out her name in Rachel's ear before sagging, spent, against her. Peppering Rachel's lips with soft kisses, Gemma agreed instantly when Rachel said 'how about we head back to my place...."