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Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Party

He had been at the party for a while. Glancing across the crowded room he was immediately struck dumb. In all his young life, he had never seen anything, so beautiful, pure and elegant.

Aware that he was staring but unable to stop himself. Self conscious, he was sure his face was going red. He let his eyes drift slowly upwards, caressing every sumptuous curve, lingering far longer than he should.

He knew he would have to do something soon. Feeling the eyes of everyone on him, even though no one had noticed. His gaze swept up, to the most graceful neck he had ever seen. Suddenly it was too much for him, the time had come to act on his urges.

The decision made, he strode purposefully across the room. Weaving his way around the other guests, the moment was here. Clearing his throat, he finally picked up the icy cold bottle of beer. He took a long gulp of his drink. Letting out a satisfied sigh, he headed back to his seat.

1 comment:

  1. Aeww poor guy. LOL.
    Less is more..more intese.
    Loved the story Ray.