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Friday, 12 July 2013

The disagreement

Mary looked into his clear blue eyes, like sun kissed waters. How many times had she lost herself their ocean like depths? Not this time, this time she would be strong, strong enough to do what must be done. Life had been good for a while, he had not seemed like all the others, he was special. Mary had allowed herself to open up, the fragile petals of her soul blossoming in his radiance. His healing warmth gently coaxing her out of her self imposed prison. That warmth had all to quickly turned into a searing heat of destruction.

Mary paced the room, agitated and conflicted. He sat there watching her, calm now, his eyes never left her. He had not been so calm earlier, his rage had been terrifying as the argument had raged. She could almost see the huge waves crashing in his eyes as he his temper became a hurricane against her, at her. The was a sense of peace at the moment, Mary was not sure if that would continue much longer. A decision had to be made and it all hinged on the answer he gave to her question.

He had not tried to say anything yet, Mary felt pleased he was not rushing an answer, but angry that his response had not be an immediate positive resolution. Stopping her pacing now, Mary fixed him with a stare,
"Well? enough is enough!, you have kept me waiting for too long" she noted the conflict on his face as he tried to think of his words. There was real fear there too, Mary knew he was scared of saying the wrong thing.
"I am waiting" to emphasise the point Mary crossed her arms and tapped her foot. He opened his mouth to speak.

Although his mouth opened, no words came out. A faint croak, as he tried to convey his answer. Well this was Just Perfect!, Mary felt her anger crest once more.
"You only have yourself to blame, all that shouting at me, all those hurtful things you said" Mary felt tears well up and her voice crack as she spoke. This was supposed to be the love of her life, how then could he hurt her so?
"you have really hurt me, you know" she said wiping her tears away.
He nodded agreement and Mary could see the concern in his eyes. She wanted him to enfold her once more in his arms, and whisper lovingly in her ear that 'it would all be okay' but that would not happen now!

She looked at him again and decided that she could not trust him, despite the tears making their way down his face. He had hurt her too much, no matter how sorry he was now, the damage had been done. Mary had made her decision and felt relief flood through herself. She explained to him that he had ruined her trust, if only he had not been late home from the pub. Although he had explained he had lost track of time, she knew he was cheating on her. As Mary spoke she could see the worry building behind his cold blue eyes. Had she ever really wanted to drown in those depths?

Holding the syringe up to the light she flicked the side and pushed the plunger to ensure no air was trapped. He tried to move away, panic on his features, tied to the chair he had nowhere to go. As Mary inserted the needle into his vein she said to him

"don’t look on this as your death, but rather my rebirth...."

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  1. Not saying this because you wrote this for me, but it is really my favorite of your stories so far!
    So intense, I felt like crying. Which is exactly what I look for in every story.
    The ending was top notch! The kind of ending that stays with you long after you have read the story!

    Thank you friend and co author of 14 Twisted Tales!