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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mystery arrival

Stood there basking in the warmth, Luciana closed her eyes for a moment. If only this could last, the ocean waves breaking on the soft sandy shore, the gentle breeze, the smell of salt in the air. It was not to be, the chaos swirled back as she opened her eyes once more. With the chaos came the throbbing at her Temples.

Looking around at the expectant faces, she raised her hands for silence. Slowly the noise faded down to a dull murmur and then silence. Not sure how to begin, she started to talk anyway. She talked of calmness, of order and peace. Luciana wove magic through her words, and the people responded. It was only the matter of minutes but they forgot their worries and concerns and were soon going about their business.

Turning to look back into the ocean she could see the object of concern, it was monstrous. It seemed to be able to magnify the light from the sun, so much so, that it was blinding to gaze upon. Only the clouds in the sky provided relief, fleeting as it was. When it was not blinding her, it was dark and scary. Nothing like this had ever happened in her lifetime and Luciana had lived a very long time.

The job of leading this community was normally a delight, Luciana was not sure what this was or how it would change life, for her, or her people. She knew that she would have to go and see for she herself what this thing was. Fear held her back, not fear for herself but fear for her people. She worried for them, their innocence. Determined now, she WOULD protect them.

She walked towards the waters, ignoring the boats. Luciana dove into the oncoming wave, and swam towards the monster. Steady strokes, her breathing steady and even as she closed the distance. There was no need to swim but the added time to think was needed. The throbbing in her temples was gone. Now she was taking action it had faded away. Luciana held her pace steady, as the distance closed.

It was huge this monster, so very big, but also dead. She had guessed it had died when she heard it's roar the previous night. Luciana had not been the only witness, as the ocean had quenched it's life’s flame. The roar had caused her to shudder in horror but had sent her people, scurrying for safety. She was nearly there now, it loomed out of the mighty ocean.

Luciana had given thought to what to do during the swim, but now in the shadow of the beast she was not sure. From the shore, blinded as she was, there had been no way to fully grasp the nature of this thing. Close now, she had no concept of what it was. She reached out to touch it, it's flesh cold and hard. She tried to sense its soul, and recoiled in horror.

In her fear she reached deep into her well of magic, she found herself floating high in the air looking down. Shaken to her core, she felt tears streaming down her face. Such pain, so much anguish, she could still feel it, the icy touch of death. Her people must be protected from this, they must never learn the secrets here.

Calling on her magic’s she spoke to the ocean. It bubbled and roiled at her request, drawing this thing down into it's depths. Power flooded her, fuelled by her fear and despair, slowly it was devoured, drawn to deeper waters. The waves slowly closing over it, as it journeyed to the depths. Luciana mourned it's passing, taking note of the strange markings. The last marking she saw before the ocean took it into its embrace, was “Boeing”, she had no idea of it's meaning, but felt she should honour its memory....