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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Romance for Cheri

Cheri was hopelessly smitten. It was something that had been unforeseen but not unwelcome. She knew the exact moment it had happened. She had been stood outside the bank and looking through the window when she spotted the security guard. Originally looking for her friend she had become lost in her own world as she stared at him. Cheri had felt herself flush as her friend brought her back to the real world, tapping her shoulder.

For the next two weeks her friend had teased her mercilessly, not letting her forget this beautiful man. To be honest Cheri had no problem in keeping him in mind. There was no way she would have confessed this to her friend, each day she found a reason to walk past the bank. Sometimes when she looked through the window he was not there. It was strange how sad she had felt on those days.

Finally her friend had decided Cheri had mooned over this man long enough. The first time that Cheri realised something was going on it was to late. The plan had been simple her friend had arranged to meet up in town as normal. An unplanned trip to the bank had been sprung on Cheri. Rather than being able to stand outside as normal, Cheri had been dragged inside.

The air was crisp and cool inside as the air-conditioning hummed in the background. The muted conversations made a stark contrast to the bustle of the busy street. Cheri felt sure everyone was looking at her, her face was aflame. Looking everywhere but at the security guard, she had tried to calm herself. Led to the counter, she finally got herself under control. Sneaking glances to one side, Cheri was able to get a better look at him.

Stood tall, he looked good in his uniform, his broad shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist. Cheri noticed the snug fit of his trousers, his toned buttocks. She found herself struggling not to giggle, feeling like a little school girl. Cheri looked across at him once more and their eyes had met. There was a connection, immediate and profound. She took half a step towards him before she knew it was happening.

Surprise registered on his face, his hands seemed to reach towards her. Cheri smiled at him, it was strange, the bank faded away as he filled her vision. She took in every detail of his face, his strong jaw, the hint of stubble. His lips as they curved upwards in a smile that melted her heart. She met those deep blue eyes that would have made sapphires jealous. His expression changed from rapture to horror in a split second.

His eyes had widened and his gaze flicked away from hers. Cheri span around and screamed. Two armed men wearing masks had stormed into the bank. Finding herself face to face with the barrel of a gun, she had felt her heart leap in her chest. Life flashing in front of her eyes as the muzzle flashed. Everything seemed to move in slow motion, the panicked expressions on the customers faces seemed frozen in place. A tableaux of terror painted in front of her eyes.

Pain searing through her body before it all went black. Cheri was not sure how long it had been. There was agony in her shoulder. Movement was not an option as the cannula in her hand pulled tight. The harsh strip lighting of the hospital had stung her grainy eyes. Cheri became aware of her raging thirst. Turning her head she could see the table, a jug of water and a cup. She could have cried as a bead of condensation had made its slow journey south.

Sounds of light snoring had caused Cheri to turn her head a little further. There in a chair was the Security guard. He was in his uniform, shirt stained pink with dried blood. He needed a shave yet he looked so peaceful slumped there. A nurse had noticed she was awake and came over. Seeing Cheri looking at the guard she told her that he had not moved from her side for 2 days. The nurse considered him an inspiration, the dedication he showed for his girlfriend.

The nurse had given her a sip of water that barely dented the thirst, counselling caution lest she be sick. The sound of the jug being place on the table caused him to open his eyes. Blood shot and weary they were still the most beautiful thing she had seen.

Now twenty years on they were celebrating their anniversary, still he was the most handsome man she had ever seen. There would never be anyone else for her, as she knew there would never be anyone else for him. If there was a definition of soul mates it would be a picture from their wedding day.   


  1. A beautiful love story, Ray. Thanks so much. By the way, my husband does have blue eyes and he is my soul mate.