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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Punishment - Adult content

He loved seeing Suzy like this, that look of fear mixed with arousal. There was no doubt, she knew she had angered him. He had never brought Suzy here before but she needed to be taught a lesson. How many times had he told her?, his name was 'Sir' and he expected obedience. The mistake Suzy had made was not following instruction. He had asked for a picture, one of her panties, damp with her juices. Well she would learn her lesson now!!

He had her tied from the ceiling in his room. A special hook, holding the chain in place. Suzy, her arms held over her head, let out a whimper. He had blind folded her, so she was now in the dark. Admiring the sight of her, he walked slowly in a circle around her. Suzy was wearing panties only, her breasts free for him to enjoy. The panties were sheer, and hinted at the joy beneath.

It was time for the punishment to begin, Suzy was in for a long and rough night. Stripping completely naked he stepped behind her. Pulling her hips back, so she could feel him against her ass. Reaching around her hips, he rubbed her roughly, through the fabric of her panties. Suzy could not hide her desire, the feel of heat from her sex, the dampness of the panties gave her away. He continued, she pushed back against him, Suzy was close now. Stopping before she could find release, he took off her panties.

As Suzy stepped out of her wet panties, the chains clinked, he loved that sound. Picking the panties off the floor, he waved them under her nose. He ordered her to smell her desire but she refused. She was not helping herself, it was time for her to learn the hard way. A hard slap to her ass made her gasp. He pushed the wet panties against her face and she was forced to breath in her musky smell. The smell of her sex seemed to turn her on even more. He threw the panties to one side.

He took the nipple clamps off the table. Before applying them he pinched Suzy's nipples hard. The change of colour as they hardened and the gasp in pain, caused his cock to throb. Applying the clamps, he picked up his belt. Folding it into a loop, he snapped it together with a loud crack. Suzy whimpered aloud. This would not do, he balled up her panties and shoved them in her mouth.

Once more he stood behind. The belt moved in a swift arc, landing with a satisfactory thump. A vivid pink mark appearing on Suzy's cheeks. The chain rattled as she tried to move away. He thought that she might finally be learning her lesson. Again the slap of leather against flesh, another muffled whimper. A vivid pink mark crossing the first as Suzy sagged in the chains. One more he thought, harder, to really drive the lesson home. Thwack, and a louder cry from Suzy. Those lovely pink lines must sting, he knelt behind and kissed them.

Suzy knew now, he was the master and she a helpless slave. He positioned himself behind her, his cock tracing along the pink and still sore marks. It was too much, he needed to be inside her. The tip of his cock pushed into her warm moist sex. She pushed back to receive him, he obliged and pushed in hard and deep. He pounded into Suzy mercilessly, whilst pulling the nipple clamps. He told her to spit out the panties, he wanted to hear her gasping.

Pulling out of her, he put some more slack in the chain. Bending Suzy down so she was almost touching her toes, he was better able to penetrate her sopping wet sex. There was no finesse, just need. He roughly took her and only the chain helped her stay upright. Each gasp from her spurred him on. Thrusting deeper inside, he reached once more for the nipple clamps. Each twist elicited a cry of pain. It only made him pound harder inside her. There was no holding back and soon he was cumming.

Suzy would feel that, each spurt of hot cum, filling her. Finished he looked down at his glistening cock. Maybe he should just one more lesson. Walking in front of Suzy he pulled off the blindfold and told her to suck him clean. Finally she had learnt her lesson, "yes master" she said before sliding her lips down him.

Unchaining her, he took hold of the nipple clamps and guided her to the bed. For the rest of the night Suzy did as she was told and was rewarded with orgasm after orgasm. 


  1. Thank you for the honor of being on your blog! ;) I am so glad you've put it up here. It's a fantastically delicious story and each one that I read I feel getting better and better. Love it! ~ Suzy

  2. Wow! What a great way to depict my friend Suzy ;) The punishment was fitting! Seriously, I loved the story and I am more than ready to read more! :)