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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Romance for Cheri

Cheri was hopelessly smitten. It was something that had been unforeseen but not unwelcome. She knew the exact moment it had happened. She had been stood outside the bank and looking through the window when she spotted the security guard. Originally looking for her friend she had become lost in her own world as she stared at him. Cheri had felt herself flush as her friend brought her back to the real world, tapping her shoulder.

For the next two weeks her friend had teased her mercilessly, not letting her forget this beautiful man. To be honest Cheri had no problem in keeping him in mind. There was no way she would have confessed this to her friend, each day she found a reason to walk past the bank. Sometimes when she looked through the window he was not there. It was strange how sad she had felt on those days.

Finally her friend had decided Cheri had mooned over this man long enough. The first time that Cheri realised something was going on it was to late. The plan had been simple her friend had arranged to meet up in town as normal. An unplanned trip to the bank had been sprung on Cheri. Rather than being able to stand outside as normal, Cheri had been dragged inside.

The air was crisp and cool inside as the air-conditioning hummed in the background. The muted conversations made a stark contrast to the bustle of the busy street. Cheri felt sure everyone was looking at her, her face was aflame. Looking everywhere but at the security guard, she had tried to calm herself. Led to the counter, she finally got herself under control. Sneaking glances to one side, Cheri was able to get a better look at him.

Stood tall, he looked good in his uniform, his broad shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist. Cheri noticed the snug fit of his trousers, his toned buttocks. She found herself struggling not to giggle, feeling like a little school girl. Cheri looked across at him once more and their eyes had met. There was a connection, immediate and profound. She took half a step towards him before she knew it was happening.

Surprise registered on his face, his hands seemed to reach towards her. Cheri smiled at him, it was strange, the bank faded away as he filled her vision. She took in every detail of his face, his strong jaw, the hint of stubble. His lips as they curved upwards in a smile that melted her heart. She met those deep blue eyes that would have made sapphires jealous. His expression changed from rapture to horror in a split second.

His eyes had widened and his gaze flicked away from hers. Cheri span around and screamed. Two armed men wearing masks had stormed into the bank. Finding herself face to face with the barrel of a gun, she had felt her heart leap in her chest. Life flashing in front of her eyes as the muzzle flashed. Everything seemed to move in slow motion, the panicked expressions on the customers faces seemed frozen in place. A tableaux of terror painted in front of her eyes.

Pain searing through her body before it all went black. Cheri was not sure how long it had been. There was agony in her shoulder. Movement was not an option as the cannula in her hand pulled tight. The harsh strip lighting of the hospital had stung her grainy eyes. Cheri became aware of her raging thirst. Turning her head she could see the table, a jug of water and a cup. She could have cried as a bead of condensation had made its slow journey south.

Sounds of light snoring had caused Cheri to turn her head a little further. There in a chair was the Security guard. He was in his uniform, shirt stained pink with dried blood. He needed a shave yet he looked so peaceful slumped there. A nurse had noticed she was awake and came over. Seeing Cheri looking at the guard she told her that he had not moved from her side for 2 days. The nurse considered him an inspiration, the dedication he showed for his girlfriend.

The nurse had given her a sip of water that barely dented the thirst, counselling caution lest she be sick. The sound of the jug being place on the table caused him to open his eyes. Blood shot and weary they were still the most beautiful thing she had seen.

Now twenty years on they were celebrating their anniversary, still he was the most handsome man she had ever seen. There would never be anyone else for her, as she knew there would never be anyone else for him. If there was a definition of soul mates it would be a picture from their wedding day.   

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I miss you

I don't think of you often enough,
you left a hole that is too big to fill.
Sometimes I want to curl up and cry,
Why oh why did you have to die?

When I think of you, of random stuff,
I crush my emotions by force of will.
Sometimes I want to curl up and cry,
Why oh why did you have to die?

It is still too raw the feelings so rough,
Tears I should spend and put in griefs till.
Sometimes I want to curl up and cry,
Why oh why did you have to die?

I can't release my pain, it is just too tough,
Doubtful of my ability to pay that bill.
Sometimes I want to curl up and cry,
Why oh why did you have to die?

I know my neck you would take by the scruff,
tell me to let it go, you will be with me still.
Sometimes I realise I should curl up and cry,
because I love you, I know I will try.

Monday, 20 May 2013

It could be you

I look at the people as they wander along the promenade. Some of them are couples holding hands, others are people just on their lunch breaks. My favourite are those with families. I love to watch the interactions, the children running up to the parents clutching their treasures. Parents swinging children up into their arms, pointing out to sea, looking at the boats bobbing off the shore.

The heat is made bearable by the cooling breeze from the sea. The scent of salt in the air, mingling with the aroma of chips cooking in the nearby café. The sun is shining in a cloudless sky. I see the seagulls swoop, white against the pale blue sky. Laughter hanging in the air, heard above the gentle waves breaking on the shore. It is in many ways, an idyllic day.

Casting my mind back to this time last year, I remember walking along this very promenade. I was with my wife and we were discussing my latest promotion. The money was going to really help us out with the mortgage. I was going to be working long hours and we would finally be able to start a family of our own. It had been a great day, full of promises for the future.

The next couple of months had been a blur, stressful and difficult. My company was hit hard by the recession. I was working longer and longer hours. No matter the effort I put in, it was never enough. I remember, every evening looking forward to seeing my wife, having dinner and a glass of wine to unwind. I was finding it harder and harder to cope, arguments became common place. Soon home was not a refuge for me.

I am not sure exactly when it happened, when I started to look forward to coming home, for the glass of wine. The glass of wine had become two or three. My wife left me, my performance at work was becoming affected. I was walking the tight rope and I had no safety net. I remember the constant throbbing in my temples, the constant feeling of anxiety. Finally I fell.

I breathed deeply the sea air, I pushed away thoughts I did not want to re-visit. It is surprising how the past can bring forth pain. I tried to focus on the people around me, anything to be a distraction. I watched the family come closer, a smile playing on my lips. The little girl on her scooter racing ahead of her parents. A call from them stopped her short and she waited for them to catch up. They were lecturing her about running off, as they went past my bench.

It is amazing how many people walked past me each day. I used to think that I was invisible, that I had developed a super power. I used to sit here with a bottle and giggle at the madness of it all. I could not understand how people could look any where but my direction. I did not care, I just wanted to drink and forget the pain, both physical and emotional.

I remember the winter, I shiver in the warm sunlight as I recall that time. I had hit rock bottom. I was freezing, I had no money, nowhere to go, no hope. It is amazing how far you can fall and how quickly it can happen. I had nearly reached the end, I could cope no longer. I wanted to escape it all forever. No one would care, I had no one, I was truly invisible.

If I had not found that one person who saw me, I would be dead now. To be seen, treated as a person of worth, listened to, encouraged. I cannot express what a difference that has made. I am on the road to recovery now. It is not easy but I have support, I have friends and I have help.

I sit on the bench, I breath deeply the sea air, I live, I hope.....

This story was written by me following a visit to the 'Seaview Project in St Leonards on Sea' I was doing some decorating on behalf of my employer for 'Give and Gain day'. Mike one of the people who oversees the project gave us volunteers a talk during our break. He talked passionately about the work they do in St Leonards. One thing that in particular resonated with me, was when he asked how many of us had enough money in the bank to survive 3 months without an income. The fact that all of us in the room were only 3 months from homelessness was a sobering thought.

Please check out the site link below and take a moment to think.....

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Punishment - Adult content

He loved seeing Suzy like this, that look of fear mixed with arousal. There was no doubt, she knew she had angered him. He had never brought Suzy here before but she needed to be taught a lesson. How many times had he told her?, his name was 'Sir' and he expected obedience. The mistake Suzy had made was not following instruction. He had asked for a picture, one of her panties, damp with her juices. Well she would learn her lesson now!!

He had her tied from the ceiling in his room. A special hook, holding the chain in place. Suzy, her arms held over her head, let out a whimper. He had blind folded her, so she was now in the dark. Admiring the sight of her, he walked slowly in a circle around her. Suzy was wearing panties only, her breasts free for him to enjoy. The panties were sheer, and hinted at the joy beneath.

It was time for the punishment to begin, Suzy was in for a long and rough night. Stripping completely naked he stepped behind her. Pulling her hips back, so she could feel him against her ass. Reaching around her hips, he rubbed her roughly, through the fabric of her panties. Suzy could not hide her desire, the feel of heat from her sex, the dampness of the panties gave her away. He continued, she pushed back against him, Suzy was close now. Stopping before she could find release, he took off her panties.

As Suzy stepped out of her wet panties, the chains clinked, he loved that sound. Picking the panties off the floor, he waved them under her nose. He ordered her to smell her desire but she refused. She was not helping herself, it was time for her to learn the hard way. A hard slap to her ass made her gasp. He pushed the wet panties against her face and she was forced to breath in her musky smell. The smell of her sex seemed to turn her on even more. He threw the panties to one side.

He took the nipple clamps off the table. Before applying them he pinched Suzy's nipples hard. The change of colour as they hardened and the gasp in pain, caused his cock to throb. Applying the clamps, he picked up his belt. Folding it into a loop, he snapped it together with a loud crack. Suzy whimpered aloud. This would not do, he balled up her panties and shoved them in her mouth.

Once more he stood behind. The belt moved in a swift arc, landing with a satisfactory thump. A vivid pink mark appearing on Suzy's cheeks. The chain rattled as she tried to move away. He thought that she might finally be learning her lesson. Again the slap of leather against flesh, another muffled whimper. A vivid pink mark crossing the first as Suzy sagged in the chains. One more he thought, harder, to really drive the lesson home. Thwack, and a louder cry from Suzy. Those lovely pink lines must sting, he knelt behind and kissed them.

Suzy knew now, he was the master and she a helpless slave. He positioned himself behind her, his cock tracing along the pink and still sore marks. It was too much, he needed to be inside her. The tip of his cock pushed into her warm moist sex. She pushed back to receive him, he obliged and pushed in hard and deep. He pounded into Suzy mercilessly, whilst pulling the nipple clamps. He told her to spit out the panties, he wanted to hear her gasping.

Pulling out of her, he put some more slack in the chain. Bending Suzy down so she was almost touching her toes, he was better able to penetrate her sopping wet sex. There was no finesse, just need. He roughly took her and only the chain helped her stay upright. Each gasp from her spurred him on. Thrusting deeper inside, he reached once more for the nipple clamps. Each twist elicited a cry of pain. It only made him pound harder inside her. There was no holding back and soon he was cumming.

Suzy would feel that, each spurt of hot cum, filling her. Finished he looked down at his glistening cock. Maybe he should just one more lesson. Walking in front of Suzy he pulled off the blindfold and told her to suck him clean. Finally she had learnt her lesson, "yes master" she said before sliding her lips down him.

Unchaining her, he took hold of the nipple clamps and guided her to the bed. For the rest of the night Suzy did as she was told and was rewarded with orgasm after orgasm.