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Friday, 26 April 2013

14 Twisted Tales to Enthrall - Flash Fiction Stories

This is my first published work entitled:

14 Twisted Tales to Enthrall – Flash Fiction Stories

A book I created with my dear friend Mary Papas who is already an Author of a book of Flash Fiction Stories called 'Take Off Your Mask'. I have thought about publishing some stories for some time and as luck would have it Mary was also ready for a new adventure.

So began our collaboration, we decided to each write stories that would hopefully leave the reader wanting more. Over the next few weeks we sent stories back and forth as we whittled it down to the great ones you can read today.

I would like to thank Mary for her support and help. This my first foray into actually Publishing work for sale. Mary has made this a really enjoyable experience and I would heartily recommend you check her out:

Twitter: @MaryPapas2

The stories have all been proof read by Julia who is UK based. Julia as well as being very good at what she does has reasonable rates and can be found:

Twitter: @ProofreadJulia

The stunning cover was created by Vicky Theodoreli who is very talented and took our basic instructions and brought it to life. Vicky has an awesome portfolio which can be found on her site. Vicky can be found:

Twitter: @VickyTheodoreli

The links to this exciting book are:


  1. Thank you for this wonderful post. It was wonderful working with you and Julia and Vicky and hope it happens again!

  2. Best of luck, Mary and Ray, on your new venture. Thank you so much for the name check. I am delighted to be part of this project, and thoroughly enjoyed it, didn't even feel like work! @Proofreadjulia