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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Call

Taylor could not believe it. She stared at the Sullen reflection looking back at her. The phone call had put her in a foul mood. How could he? This was it, there was no way she would remain poised when he walked through the door later. The phone rang again. Taylor reached for it, determined to give him a piece of he mind. The voice on the line was not his though.

There was a rich lustre to it that conjured images of knights in shining armour. The voice was calm and confident. She explained that he had a wrong number. As she said the words she was filled with regret. She would not hear this beautiful voice any longer. Taylor felt so sad she missed what he said. Watching herself in the mirror she saw her face flush. She asked him to repeat himself.

She felt herself losing herself to that voice. The effect it was having on her was causing her further embarrassment. She finally pieced together what he was saying. Surely that could not be right? He wanted to speak to her?

She was so confused but his voice was sublime. She was lost to what he was saying. The voice became her world and it was a pleasurable world. Taylor found herself shrugging her robe off of her shoulders. She could see the surprised look on her face in the mirror.

The voice carried on talking, never pausing. Soft, soothing it coaxed Taylor along on a tide of pleasure. Not even bothering to hold a conversation she just listened. Her hand resting on her knee began to move. Soft and feather like Taylor moved her fingers along the top of her thigh. Reaching her knickers she moved back down toward her knee.

Feeling more relaxed as her fingers moved back along her leg. This time along the inside of her thigh. Taylor was aware that she was biting the inside of her lip. Her legs opening slightly as her hand moved higher. The voice continued in her ear, so sensual. Taylor was aware of a warmth as her fingers traced over the fabric of her underwear.

Her fingers moving higher now, up over her stomach. Still the touch was feather light. Her stomach muscles fluttering under her fingers. The voice seducing her with its timbre. She could not stop now, even if she wanted to. Higher her fingers moved on their journey of discovery. Her sensitive nipples responding to the lazy circles her finger traced.

The voice on the phone paused and Taylor panicked for a moment. Luckily the pause was momentary and resumed again. Her heart was racing now, how much longer would she have this heaven in her ears. The lazy pleasure became a burning need to be fulfilled. As if sensing the change in Taylor the voice seemed to urge her onwards.

Fingers back down now to her heat. No longer just a warmth, now a burning furnace of desire. Her fingers moving now inside the fabric. Taylor breathing harder, stifling a moan of pleasure. The orgasm capturing her by surprise. A tidal wave of ecstasy washing over her. The powerful wave being replaced by ripples of pleasure.

The conversation on the phone coming to a close. Taylor pulled herself together enough to say that she was not interested in double glazing at the moment but maybe he could call again in a week?...

Taylor got into the bath. The candles casting a soft glow in the room and Taylor sighed in pleasure at the warmth of the water. Steam had caused the mirror to mist up and Taylor watched as tiny droplets ran down the smooth surface. The bubbles she had applied to the water had a subtle aroma of lemon grass and contributed to a nice relaxing environment.

Taylor though was not feeling relaxed, far from it. The call had come earlier and that voice had rocked her world. She had almost sobbed in frustration. Her friend had paid a surprise visit and try as she might Taylor had not been able to get rid of her. The frustration had been agonising. She had remembered that moment the week before when the orgasm had shaken her.

Why had it had to happen like that? The one saving grace had been the brainwave halfway through the call. She had been finding it hard to concentrate, the growing heat of her sex. Taylor had ached for release. Her friend unaware Taylor was nearly losing herself. An orgasm was building, that just a voice could do this. Each word sending a shock wave of pleasure through her. It was such an intense feeling, the promise of pleasure but the pain of restraint.

Taylor had felt the opportunity drifting away. There was no way he would call back again was there?. Then had come the inspirational thought, Taylor had interrupted him mid flow. It had been difficult to stop that voice but she had a plan. She explained to him that she was very interested but had a visitor. She gave her mobile number and told him to phone and leave a detailed message and a number she could get hold of him on.

Taylor was glad her mobile was not in her pocket when she heard it vibrate on the sideboard. That would have been too much, those delicious vibrations just after that voice. Her friend had finally left and Taylor had all but ran to get the bath running. She still had a couple of hours before everyone got home. Now as she sat in the warmth with the bubbles against her still so sensitive skin.

Reaching out Taylor hit the play button on the message. Wow he really had taken her literally and left a very detailed message. Taylor just lay there in the water, and as before let the voice work its magic. This time there was no distraction, the what was said did not matter just the sound. She could not believe what was happening. Her fingers tightened on the edge of the bath. The orgasm that took her transcended every experience she had ever had. The after shocks sending ripples of pleasure through her. Not once had she touched herself, in her mind she had imagined the stranger. He had explored her body with kisses and soft caresses. She wondered at the pleasure from a real touch.

Taylor sagged back down into the water and closed her eyes. The message was drawing to a close and she felt relaxed and happy. His voice soothing the fires he had earlier stoked. She suddenly sat bolt upright. Water sluicing from her as she stared at the phone. Had she heard that? Truly?. Had he really mentioned that the number he was leaving was his personal number? That he lived not far away and that he really found her voice attractive and they should meet..........

Taylor was swept away on a sea of passion, his touch igniting fires. Flames of pleasure burning brightly as she moaned softly in ecstasy. This heat was all consuming and she let it take her. Taylor had never expected this to happen. This man she desired above all others had such a hold on her.

The voice whispered in her ear, telling her how beautiful she was. The voice was everything, she lost herself to its timbre. Stoking the heat of her sex she knew another orgasm was on its way. Taylor had never behaved like this with anyone. She felt wanton, excited and sexier than she had in years.

She pulled his sweater up and over his head. His body looked like it had been carved from granite. He held himself over her, the muscles in his arms pulled taut. Taylor could not help but reach out. God his chest was hard, slowly she traced her fingers down. His voice was heavenly music to her ears but his body was evil temptation. The ridges of his stomach proud against her fingers. The soft downy hairy leading her lower.

Taylor undid his Jeans and pulling them down along with his boxers. She gasped in surprise at the sight of him. Standing proud, his rod as hard as the rest of him. Not sure she could take all of it within she looked forward to the attempt. He stood to remove the jeans properly and soon stood there naked in front of her.

Taylor stared at this Adonis and felt the familiar tingling between her thighs. She was so close to another orgasm. His tongue and fingers had already elicited more screams of pleasure from her than she had thought she could manage. He looked at her with a hunger in his eyes, he seemed to quiver with repressed tension. The war could be seen in the tensing and flexing of his muscles. His resistance was short lived and in two graceful strides he closed the distance.

This was it, he lowered himself down to kiss her. Softly to start but Taylor locked one hand in his hair as she clawed her nails down his back. She wanted him like she had wanted no one before. His kiss became hard and passionate. Taylor new he felt the heat of desire, and locking her legs around him pulled him closer.

The moment of penetration, a sharp pain followed by soothing pleasure. As their bodies became one he whispered her name urgently in her ear. His voice as always sending ripples of pleasure through her. Taylor pulled him deeper inside, rising to meet each thrust. Writhing together the orgasm Taylor had tried to hold of began to crest. Both of her hands reaching behind him. The muscles moving under her touch with each thrust.

Trying so hard to prolong the moment, Taylor found herself calling out in pleasure. He gasped out her name, their eyes locked. Understanding passed between them then. There was no need to hold back any more and with one final thrust he pushed deep inside. The orgasm was so intense as she felt his own flow into her. He held her gaze as they shared the pleasure. Finally he broke the connection collapsing beside her. The burning heat of passion reduced to a burning ember, ready to be stoked again.

The motion of the train as they lay there was soothing and the feel of his arms around her was lovely. Train? Why was she on the train? This wasn’t right. The message he had left had finished and now she could hear the sound of the wheels on the tracks. She had lost herself in his voice again only this time in public. Opening her eyes Taylor looked around feeling her face flush. There was only one other person in the carriage. A handsome man who walked over.

Asking Taylor if she was okay. She could not believe what she was hearing, it was him in the flesh.....

The last couple of weeks had changed everything for Taylor. Now she had a face to go with the voice her fantasies had taken on a new level of clarity. The intensity that shook her body each time became more powerful. Each time she played the message she lost herself in ecstasy. But it all paled in significance to the experience of the night before.

Taylor had felt her heart in her throat as she checked into the hotel. The receptionist did not bat an eyelid though as she slid the key across the polished counter. Ryan picked up the key and smoothly pocketed it. The turned and moved across the plush foyer towards the elevators. He put his arm around her and pulled her close. It felt so right in his arms and she had snuggled in close.
They had ridden up to their floor in silence. They had arranged this meeting only a couple of days previously after speaking at least twice a day for the last two weeks. Ever since she had talked to him on the train she had felt a deep connection. He had been surprised when he realised who she was and the way his clear blue eyes had widened still made her smile. It must have been fate and she was not going to fight it.

Opening the door for her to enter first Ryan followed Taylor into the room. Once the door was closed they both explored the room. They were giggling like a couple of naughty teenagers. It was the nerves getting to them both and Taylor felt comforted he was feeling it too. Finding the mini bar Ryan mixed them up a couple of drinks. Something strong enough to take the edge off a little.

Ryan ran a bath for Taylor while he took a shower. He added bubbles and sat on the bed while she took a soak. Taylor found herself unable to relax knowing he was in the next room. She knew what was likely to happen and felt both nervous and excited. The water swooshed as she sat up. It was time to get out, grabbing a towel she dried off before donning a robe.

Walking into the room Taylor made for the window. Looking out at the lights of the city below she mentioned to him how pretty it looked. He whispered in her ear that it was not as pretty as her. How had he managed to move so quietly and that voice so close sent a ripple through her whole body. His arms encircling her as he softly kissed her neck. Taylor tilted her head slightly as the soft kisses continued.

Each feather light touch of his lips on her skin made her pulse quicken. His hands moved down to undo her robe. Taylor felt herself flushing as the robe fell open. He paused in his kisses long enough to look at her reflection in the glass. He whispered the word “Beautiful” before turning her to face him. He slid the robe from her shoulders, there was no rush. He seemed to enjoy the slow revelation of her body. Taylor loved the look in his eyes, the hunger. As the robe fell to the floor leaving Taylor naked she realised that she also felt a hunger.

Reaching out herself Taylor undid his robe. He made no move to stop her and as it gaped open Taylor looked down at his sex, so hard already. Had just seeing her body done that?. All of the fantasies she had experienced were nothing compared to the reality. Taylor ached to feel him inside her, she wanted to be impaled by him. He shrugged his robe off to fall at his feet. His body though not as hard as all of the fantasies was in great shape.

Stood in silence they explored each other with their eyes as the hunger grew. Taylor gave in first and reached out to take him in her hands. He throbbed beneath her fingers and as she moved her fingers up and down his shaft he moaned in pleasure. She had never taken control like this but having him in her power turned her on. Taylor knelt on the soft carpet in front of him, not letting go for a moment. She could feel the change in him, the anticipation.

Taylor moved her mouth to the tip of him, not yet taking him in her mouth. She breathed warm air over his erection and she felt it buck in her hands. He moaned “please” but she was merciless in her teasing of him. She licked the tip of him enjoying her first taste of him. His salty pre cum on her tongue made her want more. She had waited so long for this moment, she could hold back no longer. Giving in to her lust she took him deep in her mouth.

He thrust gently as her lips moved down him and his moans of pleasure made Taylor aware of the heat between her own legs. She new that if he was to move this delicious shaft between her legs now he would have no problem being able to glide inside. She had not felt this sexy in such a long time and Ryan responding in such away to her body had released a wild abandon in her. His thrusts were becoming more insistent now in her mouth and his breath coming in ragged gasps. Taylor new he would not last long now and relentlessly sucked harder. She was shocked when he could hold back no longer. He filled her mouth and she sucked on. Soon he was spent, Taylor looked up at him not taking her mouth from him. The look of pleasure and hunger etched in his features. Looking down at her sucking still on his hardness she watched the hunger take him as it had taken her.

Ryan guided her to stand up and led her to the bed. He lay her down and positioning himself on top of her, kissed her deeply. She pulled him tight against her as they embraced. She wrapped her legs around him and tried to pull him into her. She ached for it, she burned for him. Ryan had other ideas and breaking the embrace he proceeded to kiss her neck once more. This was not the feather light touch of earlier.

He moved lower down her body, his hand squeezing her breasts as he sucked hard on her nipples. Pulling her nipples against the back of is teeth she gasped at the combination of pain and pleasure. He made sure that both her breasts were pleasured. He moved a has between her legs and stimulated her clitoris. Never had Taylor experienced anything like the raw passion he was showing. She could not help herself, so turned on she came hard. Surely he would enter her now, and give her what she truly wanted.

Ryan had other ideas and he moved lower still, kissing over her belly and down to her pubic mound. Oh god she was in heaven. He breathed in her musky scent, and it seemed to fire his blood even more. He moved lower between her legs which he hooked over his shoulders. He got on his knees, pulling Taylor with him. She slid down the bed crying out in pleasure as his tongue moved between her folds. He moaned in pleasure at the taste of her on his tongue. Taylor gasped as he pulled her tighter to his hungry mouth. She looked up at him seeing he was lost in pleasure. He was sucking and licking her sensitive node and Taylor felt another orgasm swelling.

Ryan one arm holding her tight against him so he could devour her the other teasing and pinching her nipple. Taylor screamed out as the orgasm took her. Every nerve ending in her body alive with pleasure. Finally she quietened. Ryan lowered her legs back to the bed. Taylor found herself being flipped over and his strong arms pulling her up onto all fours. His penis was resting between her buttocks now. Surely he was not going to?.

He reached around and his fingers moved inside her still wet opening. She opened her legs a little more to allow his fingers inside. She was very aware of his penis as he pushed it a little harder against her. Surely he wouldn't? He pulled it down between her buttocks and she felt him against the opening of her anus. She wanted to try everything but this had not crossed her mind.

Taylor pushed back a little to let him know if he wanted to he could. She almost let out a sigh of relief when he moved that rock hard rod lower. Using the hand that had been fingering her to guide him Ryan pushed inside her. There was no delicate entry just raw passion. He pushed inside her as deep as she could take him. Again and again he pushed inside. The slapping of flesh as he pushed into her. Taylor used her elbows to dig into the bed and give her purchase to move her hips backwards to meet him.

Time lost all meaning, all that mattered was the feel of his hands on her hips as he impaled her. Taylor felt another orgasm coming and could not believe it was possible. Never had she came three times in one night. Ryan gasped out that he was going to orgasm, Taylor told him not to hold back and gave in to hers. The contractions inside her mixed with the feel of his semen spurting deep inside her transcended every experience she had ever had.

After they had finished they collapsed onto the bed locked in each others arms. The night was only just beginning, and as the hours wore on they explored each other over and over. Taylor lay there now happy, his arm across her stomach as he dozed. She felt satisfied and sure that the previous night was a new beginning for both of them. She could still feel the warmth of his orgasm inside her and looked forward to many more nights like this in their future. Waking him with a kiss she suggested they get some breakfast sent to the room.


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    Oh My...I had a hard time catching my breath! Wow Ray...I love it (blushing)

  2. LOL. Erotic and humorous. Well done!

  3. Oh my God!!! I will buy any book you ever publish! This my friend is HOT! You are such a gifted must publish soon! You were born to do this.

    Thank you for my story Ray...I'm blushing all over :)*

  4. Phewww! Well done Ray!! You should really consider publishing some of these stories :))