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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Romance for Maria - Contains adult content.

Maria was looking forward to the show. She had taken the day off from her Job as a Technical Analyst, she loved her job but it was always nice to have time off. Maria was with a group of her close girlfriends and this day out had been planned for some time. After the show they were going out for a Pizza. This though was her favourite part. Milling around in the foyer listening to the muted sounds of conversation. There was a sense of excitement and anticipation that hung in the air that affected everyone.

It was busy and the press of people was making it a challenge to get to the confectionery stand. She was distracted by a hand on her arm pulling her through an opening it the mass. She was stood now only a couple of people back from the counter. Someone jostled into her back hard enough to make her stagger. Maria turned round to give the person a peace of her mind but the words died in her mouth.

Stood there was a breathtakingly handsome man. He too was turning from behind, seeing Maria looking an apologetic expression appeared on his face. He explained that he too had been shoved. Maria found herself drawn to the deep timbre of his voice, the meaning of the words almost lost. Looking into the deep blue of his eyes she felt herself wishing she could dive into their depths. His wavy brown hair framed his perfect face. What was happening to her? it was ridiculous the affect he was having. Maria felt her face heating as her heart pounded in her ears. He had stopped speaking now and was starting to look concerned. Maria knew he was waiting for a response but could not remember what he said. Blushing more than ever she was saved as her friend dragged her forcibly to the counter. Gathering her thoughts as she chose some candy to eat during the show she felt her equilibrium return. Handing over her payment she turned to speak to this man and apologise for ignoring him.

Looking around she could not see him anywhere and was surprised to feel a little disappointed. The crowd was thinning now as people moved on to find their seats and Maria moved across the room to join her friends at the base of the stairs. When they were all together they went to find their seats. Maria went first into the row until she found the end of their allocation. Shrugging out of her coat she mad herself comfortable.

She chatted to her friend and flicked through the programme. It was only a couple of minutes now until curtain up, there was very little talking now as people settled down. There were sounds coming from the pit in front of the stage as musicians fine tuned their instruments. Maria was aware of disruption at the end of her row as one by one her friends stood up. There was always one person that had to take forever to take their seat. Sighing Maria stood up as the intruder reached her.

It was him, why did it have to be him?. She was so aware of him as he squeezed past her. He was invading her personal space and their eyes locked. Time seemed to move in slow motion, the booming thump of her heart, so loud surely he could hear that?. She breathed in the smell of his crisp clean aftershave. Those eyes again causing her to lose herself. Ruthlessly she tore her eyes away and down to his mouth. Maria watched as he formed words, but was now mesmerised by the fullness of his lips. He was past her now and moving past the next person. A cleared throat from the row behind snapped her attention back to reality. Maria took her seat as the lights dimmed.

The show was everything Maria had hoped it would be but part of her was waiting for the interval. Would she see this stranger again?. Looking down the row had not helped, the lighting was down too low. Maria allowed herself to relax and follow the story unfolding on the stage. It was a love story and that appealed to the writer in her. She had always enjoyed romance and had a flare for the erotic. The story was a traditional format of a poor boy who was really a prince. The show reached the natural dramatic point for the interlude. The curtain fell as the lights came up.

Maria looked down the row and felt a jolt in her chest as her eyes met his. The air between them almost crackled with electricity. The moment was lost as people between them climbed to their feet. Maria was distracted by her friend who wanted to discuss what they had seen so far. When she was able to glance across again he was gone. Now the lights were up she realised he was sitting close to the other end of the row. Feeling a little sad that he would not be squeezing past her again she waited for the show to begin again.

He took his seat just before the lights dimmed again but Maria did not miss the glance he sent her way. Flushed she was glad to be safely shrouded in darkness. The music began and the magic of the theatre took her back to another world. The traditional happy ending was the order of the day. The cast made their way onto the stage to take a bow to rapturous applause. The the lights came up, glancing to he left Maria’s heart sank. His chair was empty and there was no sign of this man who had entered her life.

The party made its way to the restaurant, soon with good food and plenty of beer to wash it down they were having a fantastic time. Conversation and laughter filled the room and as the evening wore on Maria found herself a little tipsy. As the night came to a close she gathered her coat and said goodbye to her friends. They all tried to get her to stay but Maria was feeling the effects of the beers and had to work tomorrow. Stepping into the night she stumbled. She felt herself caught as she fell and looked up into deep blue eyes....

He helped her up but did not step back or remove his hands. He towered over her but was not intimidating at all. In fact she felt safe here and made no move to put any distance between them. He did not say anything and she was glad, instead he moved closer to her pulling her into a kiss. The heat of the passion set her soul alight, she pulled him tighter against her body.

Maria had never felt such a connection before to a stranger. Stood in the street, locked in an embrace her body ached for his. She felt a little breathless as they finally stepped back from each other. There was no need for words, taking hold of her hand in his. Maria let herself be led. Walking streets she knew well she was surprised when he led her to her own apartment building. How did this man know where she lived?. She was about to speak when he pulled a key to the front door from his pocket.

Again taking her hand he led her to his apartment. Maria could not believe this was happening, it was like serendipity. His apartment was below hers and when he opened the doors she saw boxes stacked neatly. He had obviously just moved in. Taking her through to the bedroom she did not resist. This was not like her but it felt so right with this man. The bed was neatly made and there were only a couple of boxes awaiting attention.

She fell once more into his arms, the kiss was long. It hinted at the passion yet to come and fuelled the desire Maria was feeling. Their clothes seemed to melt away and soon they were stood in just underwear. The same hunger in his eyes as he looked at her must have been mirrored in hers. Stood there almost shaking with the pent up tension Maria new the release would be intense. Almost reverently he reached out to stroke her skin. Goosebumps sprang up along her arms.

His touch feather light as stepping closer he ran his hands around her sides to her back. Tracing his fingers up her spine as he held his lips close to hers. Teasing her with the promise of a kiss as his fingers worked the clasp of her bra. Finally his lips met hers and he slid the straps over her shoulders. Now her breasts were bare the kiss deepened. Maria moaned in pleasure as his fingers squeezed her nipple, tongues entwined he lifted her and carried her to the bed.

His hand moving between her legs as he touched her through the fabric of her sheer knickers. Following his lead she took hold of his hardness. He let out a small sound of pleasure as she touched him. He kicked his boxers off allowing her fingers to fully encircle his member. Sliding her hand along his shaft she elicited more cries of pleasure from him. As he became more aroused the intensity of his touch increased.

Maria found herself moaning in pleasure as he stimulated her. An orgasm took her almost by surprise and he skilfully drew out the moment for her. Muscles contracting as waves of pleasure continued to ripple through her. She wanted him and wanted him now!. Maria pulled him on top of her, not waiting to remove her panties he just pulled them to one side. This was it, the tip of his throbbing shaft pushing against her wet opening. He pushed into her but only the tip of his shaft. He teased her like this for a little while but Maria wanted him deep inside her.

She locked her legs around him and pulled him deeper. Something snapped in his restraint at her wanton behaviour. Suddenly he was pounding into her. Hands pinned to the bead beside her head she cried out in joy as he let the heat of the moment fuel his passion. She could see in his eyes that his own orgasm was approaching and raising her head she invited his kiss. This was too much for him. He buried himself deep inside her and she felt as his orgasm flowed into her.

Exhausted they collapsed in a heap on the bed. It was the start of a long night as they explored each other fully, there was no need for talking. The sun creeping through the window found them asleep still wrapped in each others arms. The gentle warmth on Maria's skin woke her and as she moved in his arms his eyes slowly opened. Making love slowly in the morning light the act culminating in release for both of them. Finally she was able to talk in his presence. Over a makeshift breakfast of cereal and fruit juice they conversed. Maria felt a connection to this man Steve whom it turned out she had so much in common with. It was like one of the stories she wrote so well and she knew that her future would be with him.  


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  2. Awesome story Ray! I LOVED it...he he. Almost felt like I was really there in the story. Phewww!! HOT!

    1. Well you chose romance suspense and I tried to do both :-)

  3. Amazing!!!!! Erotic, romantic, and filled with suspense, you did a fab job! x

  4. Loved it! A woman would act like that. Sneaking peeks, being disappointed. I was hoping she'd hook up with him...thanks for that!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it :-) thank youfor leaving a comment.