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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Office Romance

Her warm breath misted as it hit the frigid cold air. Winter was well under way and snow was starting to fall. She watched the flakes as they twisted and turned on their slow inevitable journey to the ground. Holding her hand out in front of her she caught one. She watched it turn gradually from white to clear, revealing the colour of her red gloves as the warmth caused it to melt.

More flakes joined it as the shower intensified around her. She was glad she had her ear muffs to help ward against this cold night. The street lamps were just coming on. They cast pools of light through which the snow continued to dance. Picking up her pace again as she did not want to be late. He had told her he would wait outside the Chinese restaurant. This new restaurant was to be the setting for their first official date.

Meeting at work when he had transferred in from head office a few weeks ago. They had seemed to hit it off straight away both enjoying a similar sense of humour. Given a project to do together had meant staying late a few nights and long hours working together. Although it had been just work she had started to feel some real chemistry between them.

Surprisingly she had even begun looking forward to going in each day. This was something that had not happened in quite some time. She had started to try and make him smile just because it was so damn cute. She the way his eyes twinkled with genuine good humour. He occupied more of her thoughts outside of work than she really wanted to admit. She found herself living for those fleeting touches when her fingers brushed his. Each touch made her want more and she had started to become more tactile with him. Better yet she noted that he was more so with her too.

Finally the day came when the project was finished and needed to be presented to the management team. It had gone very well and she hoped that it would lead to more projects with him. She was not so lucky and her next assignment was with someone different. She remembered feeling fed up the next day in the office but then he had come to find her.

The whole time they were talking he kept shifting his feet and looked uncomfortable. She could not make sense of it, having been in his company before. Who was this man? he was like a completely different person. Instead of a twinkle in his eyes there was something akin to panic and it was getting worse.

He had stopped speaking and was obviously waiting for her to say something. Casting her mind back she frantically tried to bring back to the words he had been saying. Realising that he had just asked her out for a date. The moment she had said yes he had relaxed. He became again the person she knew and plans were made for the coming weekend.

She turned the corner and was now on the right street. The heavy snow was making it difficult to see the restaurant. The wind was coming straight at her now, the snow being driven into her face. She pulled her coat tighter to herself to keep warm. Only a little way to go and she would finally be there.

If he was standing outside in this he would be glad to finally get inside too. A brief break in the wind allowed her to finally look. Sure enough there he was standing next to the stone panda like he had said. Wrapped up in a long winter coat and scarf he cut a fine figure.

He was blowing on hands cupped to his face and stomping his feet against the cold. He looked up and saw her, he raised his hand to wave. She could see the smile that lit his face and felt her own in return. She closed the distance to him quickly now. He bent to kiss her hello. Although she was sure it was meant to be a little peck on the lips it lingered just a fraction longer. He took her hand and guided her to the door.


  1. Reading one of your stories is like watching a good, romantic movie.

    1. Thank you, that is lovely of you to say :-) x

  2. Short, sweet, and filled with romance <3