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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mary Papas

I thought it was about time I introduced you to a friend of mine. We are working on a project together which will take the form of an anthology of our flash fiction. Mary has a very helpful blog with advice for writers:

Mary has also written a book of short stories:

Take Off Your Mask

  It is in my nature to analyze everything (being a Scorpio has something to do with it I am sure).  I always look for what cannot be  clearly seen, for what I sense is hidden somewhere. People who pretend to be something they are not fascinate me.  These are people who choose to hide their real feelings and thoughts from the rest of the world, (sometimes even from themselves) and go through life playing a role. After a long while, that role becomes their reality, that they cannot live without.

Or can they?

 Some people find it too painful to keep pretending, while some others find it too painful to show who they really are. No matter what they choose, there will always be a price to pay, and they know it. 

 The truth can set them free, but only if they are ready to accept it. 

 My flash fiction collection ''Take Off Your Mask''   sheds some light in those dark souls. It shows  both their journey and their destination.

And remember...things are not always as they seem.

Mary Papas

 A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


  1. I think we all wear masks, women most of all with their make up and the work they have done. I think it's because of conditioning and insecurities. My goal is to feel safe enough to not need a mask. The people who don't feel the need to hide their real selves are the ones who fascinate me.

  2. Susan, my book is not about people who try to hide their physical appearance. I am dealing with a much deeper issue, which is people who hide their souls from other people. ''Take Off Your Mask'' is a metaphor. I explain that in my book's short descripition above.