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Friday, 22 March 2013

The first time- adult theme with humour

Harry was feeling tired and satisfied like he never had before. Laying here looking at the ceiling he thought back to a few days ago. Harry had been on twitter and saw some writers had mentioned double penetration. He was very niave about sex but had thought he would like to try it. Suggesting this intention to his girfriend had been a nerve wracking time. Kelly had been supportive and agreed to try. They had talked about how this would be managed long into the night.

The excitement they had both felt had been intoxicating. Harry was excited at this new dimension to their love making. Calling his best friend he arranged to meet up. Harry knew he was going to need help to make this experience happen.

Meeting at the pub seemed a good Idea. Harry had arrived early so that he could have a drink for dutch courage. He was halfway through his pint when Adam walked in. Heads turned whenever he entered a room. Adam had been blessed with model looks and the body of a gymnast. He had sauntered over and Harry watched in awe.

Adam settled down and the barmaid appeared in seconds to offer him a drink. As an after thought she had stopped to check with Harry. Finishing his existing drink with one long gulp Harry had ordered another. Chatting about the usual rubbish Harry felt on edge. His best friend picked up on the mood and looking over the top of his glass asked what was up.

Harry reluctantly had started talking. He had explained his plans and asked Adam if he would help make his fantasy a reality. Adam had double checked that Kelly was okay with this. Harry had reassured him that she wanted this as much as him. He detailed his conversation with Kelly. Harry explained how he thought it had been for the best that Adam helped.

Reassured that Kelly wanted this moment and was okay with him sharing it, Adam agreed to help. Harry was impressed with the knowledge Adam had, but not surprised. Harry had always known Adam had a lot of experience with the fairer sex. It had been agreed that tonight would be the night.

Lying here in bed basking in the after glow Harry thought back to the act. It had been sublime. He rembered positioning himself between Kellys legs. He could vividly bring to mind the look of excitement and anticipation on her face. He penetrated her hearing her gasp in pleasure. This was it the second one was about to happen....... He had pulled out and as he pushed in the second time he could hold back no longer. “Well done she had cooed, that is the longest you have lasted yet”

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