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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines Day

Kelly woke up to disappointment. No mail on the computer and no mail on the mat beneath the letter box. She never normally was this eager for mail but today was different. Valentines day was a special exception. The anticipation built up so high that to be disappointed was a cruel blow. She went through her morning routine with no real enthusiasm. Sitting at the breakfast bar staring at the soggy cereal Kelly could not bring forth the desire to eat. Pushing the bowl away with a sigh Kelly stood and decided to head off to work. Still pulling on her coat as she opened the door, she did not notice the flash of red. Taking the keys from her pocket Kelly turned to close the door. Her hand paused half way to the lock, the keyring swinging from side to side. Kelly stood mesmerised by the red envelope pinned to her door. Her name written in a neat italic script that seemed to flow across the paper Kelly. She reached out to take the envelope and noticed her hand shaking. This was it, the excitement that had been missing all morning. Anticipation gave way to eager curiosity and soon the envelope was in her hand and open. A small card slid out onto her palm. It contained the same neatly written script in the form of a short poem:

You look but don't see,
you hear but don't listen.
If you want to find me,
the way will glisten.

Flipping the card over there was nothing else written. She was puzzled as to what it could mean. One thing for sure was that the day was a lot more interesting. Locking the door Kelly hurried down the path and off to work. Sitting on the train she read the card over and over again. By the time she arrived at her desk she no longer needed the card. Kelly could picture the neat script and it was all she could think about. What did it mean? The question bounced around her head driving her crazy. She was so glad when her lunch break came, a chance to think in peace. Running through a gap in traffic Kelly reached the entrance to her usual coffee shop. She ordered her sandwich and coffee, taking a seat in the window sat down to wait. Lost in thought the quite “ahem” startled her. Kelly put her bag on the floor and the waiter placed her order on the table in front of her. Not having eaten breakfast Kelly devoured the sandwich, the salty bacon a delight on her tongue. Hunger satisfied Kelly picked up her drink and sat looking through the window. The words running through her mind became a jumbled blur. What would glisten?. The lights on the wall behind her that glistened a reflection in the window?. All too soon the coffee was done and it was time to head back to the office. Standing to gather plate and cup Kelly turned and walked into the next table. She absent mindedly apologised to the disgruntled customer.

There on the wall, stuck to a picture of a rose with water droplets glistening was another envelope. Kelly placed the plate and cup on the counter and went to retrieve her card. Looking around she did not see anyone looking at her. No obvious signs of who had placed the red envelope. Tearing it open she removed the small white card. Plain on one side but on the other another little poem.

Open eyes start to see,
hazy still but soon clear.
For a plan of what will be,
You must face your fear.

She looked around again but no one was so much as glancing her way. Kelly felt more confused than before and a little worried. She was still considering what facing her fear meant. The afternoon dragged by and she was ready to pull her hair out by the end of her shift. Finally she was ready to go home. Approaching the door to the cloak room Kelly stopped in her tracks. There was a poster on the door that had not been there earlier. She barked a laugh and turned to see if anyone was looking at her. The spider on the poster was nothing to be scared of. A cartoon creation holding chocolates, a flower and stood underneath a huge boot. The spider was made to look like it was dragging a red envelope. Kelly was scared of spiders but this one made her smile with its comical expression and top hat. Stepping forward her fingers closed upon the envelope and Kelly pulled it free. Pushing open the door open she stepped through and sat in a cubicle. There was no waiting now and soon the discarded envelope was a crumpled mess on the floor. The now familiar card looked up at her, promising answers.

Eyes now open wide,
see me at Eight O’clock.
I will meet you outside,
the Inn were I be, The Peacock.

Finally something she could understand. The Peacock was the inn near where she lived, an exclusive restaurant. She was racked with indecision, some one had gone to a lot of trouble. But should she go and meet a stranger?. On the way home Kelly called a friend to ask for some advice. Her friend got really excited and told her that she had to go. She would be fine as it was a built up area and she stayed in contact. A taxi there and back would be the safest way to go. Kelly realised that she was actually going to do this. When she got home she became a whirlwind of activity, clothes and shoes flew everywhere. Ready at last she made her way out to the taxi. It was not a long ride into the town centre but she felt the excitement coursing through her. The taxi pulled to the curb dead on eight o'clock. Kelly got out and looked around for signs of her date. Stood to the side of the entrance holding flowers and what looked like chocolates was a good looking man. As she approached he spotted her and a nervous smile flashed on his face. She stopped suddenly as the words of the poems flashed into her mind about looking and not seeing. This was the waiter from the Café who served her every day. Each conversation flashed through her mind and she realised that he always spoke to her more than other customers. She had never looked twice at him. Stood here though she could not see anything she did not like. Panic was on his face now, he looked worried she was going to run away. She smiled genuinely and walked forward to meet him.