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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Twisted Romance

Just as way of an explanation, this story is from my facebook page. I was given 13 words that I had to use within a romantic story. These words are the ones that are highlighted in bold:

It was unfair, why did it have to be like this?. You wait your whole life for love and when you find it everything becomes difficult. I had always considered myself a normal member of society and not prone to unnatural urges. Here in Milan, walking along side the Naviglio Pavese, I looked into those dark waters and sought peace. I found it all so annoying, wrestling with my conscience like this. 

Aubrianna was her name and I had met her whilst I was out walking. Taking a pause to shake a stone out of my Boot, she had sat next to me on the bench. We had struck up a conversation, I introduced myself as Drew rather than Andrew. We exchanged numbers and from the way my heart was racing I had known I would call this beautiful creature. We had gone out on a couple of dates which had seemed to go well.

I knew it was fast but I had such strong feelings for her that I suggested meeting up with some friends who liked to party. I had suggested some basic skinny dipping as I knew that Mel and Dale were big fans. I had then suggested we headed to Jo Jo’s as she had a real sadistic streak. I had mentioned that Fahmida would bring all of her toys and gadgets and if we were lucky she would strip. We would really make a night of it. Aubrianna had agreed but there was something that spoke of hesitance in her manner, I pushed it from my mind. I had set to planning, ringing around my friends. They were all really keen and we set a date for the following week. 

I called Aubrianna and gave her the good news. On the phone she sounded hesitant and suggested we meet up again first. The date had been memorable and had led to this walk and my dilemma. Meeting at a local café and I had ordered a strawberry tart with my drink. Normally when we talked the conversation flowed, today seemed to deviate from that. I had noticed a slight shaking in her hands and I reached out to comfort her. She looked into my eyes across the table, she breathed in as if to start speaking. Her mouth opened but closed without uttering a sound. I worried over what she might say, maybe she did not want to see me any more. When she finally plucked up enough courage to speak, I was shocked to my core. 

Aubrianna looked around the café furtively making sure there was no one close enough to hear. She leaned forward and speaking in hushed tones that caused me to move closer to hear her. I was mesmerised by her perfect lips and had to force myself to listen. Seeing the words form on her lips seemed to imbue them with more power, the nervous way her tongue moistened them. I knew that I loved her then, every detail of her beautiful face was etched in my mind. I looked up into her eyes an saw a tear forming as she confessed to being a deviant. I was so shocked, I could not believe what I was hearing. Pushing my chair away from the table I stood and told her I needed to get some air. I needed time to think. 

This was how I found myself stood looking into these dark waters. I watched the flow of the water and the little eddies did not calm me as they normally did. I thought about deviants and I could not believe this woman was one. I wanted to be with her, I had imagined the possibility of spending my life with her. How could I do it though? How could I be with someone who did not like whips and chains? I mean it was not normal!. I banged my fist down on the wall and let out a yell of frustration. I tried to imagine courting her with a flower, I had heard rumours that roses were popular. There were clubs that catered for this new thing, places where you could spend a night with just the two and have no toys or bondage. It was impossible to imagine a relationship without a 'safe word'. How could people sustain a relationship without the help of friends in satisfying each other?. 

All of these thoughts went through my head. I wondered if I could live life as a deviant, running the risk of being attacked and cast out by my friends. As I considered all of these facts I felt a peace that had eluded me descend. I wanted Aubrianna and everything else was irrelevant. I pulled my phone from my pocket and dialled her number. I heard her voice still thick with emotion from the tears I had caused her to shed. I told her that I wanted her, Deviant or not. I would try her way because I loved her.


  1. Another powerful piece; the emotions running through Drew's mind are vividly expressed.

  2. Awesome sweetie! Thank you for my 'role'! LOL

  3. Very clever use of all the different words! Good job!

  4. Loved this story the first time I read it and now I love it even more..mind boggling how you fit everything in and the route you went down with this piece..keeps readers on the edge of their seats xx

  5. Great one... Really clever! You know, you could write a book with this idea! Love it! :) xx