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Thursday, 17 January 2013


She lay on the beach basking in the sun, the only sound was that of the waves breaking on the shore. A gentle breeze softly caressing her skin raising goosebumps along her arms. Turning her head she could see the cocktail glass with condensation beading along the side as the ice fought a losing battle against the heat. Reaching out she picked up the glass causing the ice to rattle against the side, raising the glass to her lips she took a long sip. She was tempted to drain the glass in one go but it was still early and she wanted to keep her wits about her, well at least for a little while anyway. As far as holidays went this one had started slow but oh boy was it picking up. She had a routine now and she would not deviate for all the tea in China. It was pure accident that she had found this spot, day two of the holiday had found her bored and fed up so she had put on her beach dress and flip flops and set out to explore the grounds of the hotel. Wandering along the path she had noticed a little turning off to the side and had followed it for the want of something better to do. It had led down to the beach she was now lounging on and what a beach it was, only a few loungers and a dedicated bar with waiters constantly roaming and offering top ups. It had cost extra but it was worth every penny for the peace it granted away from the children shouting out in their excitement as they played in and around the main pool. That was one reason she had signed up there and then, the other was the reason she had spent the last five days here drinking cocktails and reading her book. She put her glass down on the table and went back to her book, she noticed her deep tan on her arms as she picked it up smiling to herself. She had never been one for sunning herself, instead preferring to explore the local area and take in the sights in fact she was running out of reading material. The girls at work were going to be so jealous when she strode back into the shop and showed of her new colour. She started to read again but was too distracted to really concentrate on the words on the pages in front of her, it was nearly that time again and so she put the book back down and adjusted the lounger so she was sitting up. This was definately her favourite part of the day, the ice clinked in the glass as she picked it up for another long swallow, she held the glass partly to give her hands something to do and partly for the cooling affect it had on her. She looked out to the sea over the top of her glasses and waited, her nails drumming against the side of the glass as the tension and excitement built up. Finally the moment was here and she relaxed ready to enjoy the show and taking another sip of drink she could not help but smile. His head came up out of the water as he stood up in the shallow waves. His hands moved up and through his hair pushing it away from his face, revealing the movie star looks that set her pulse racing. His piercing blue eyes that put even the clear waters he stood in to shame. She watched as if in slow motion the water as it cascaded down over his powerful shoulders and deep chest, he was certainly no stranger to physical exercise and boy did she want him to be physical. The water fell lower over the hard ridges of his stomach and down lower over his swimming shorts. The shorts were blue today and the water had pulled them tight against his skin and she found herself leaning forward in the lounger as she had done every day since that fateful walk. Her eyes drawn to the outline of the massive reason she had nicknamed him Willy.

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