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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Popcorn Future

Billy was waiting outside the old picture house ready for his date with Sharon, he was still amazed that she had agreed to come out with him and found himself blushing again. He had put a lot of thought into what to do and had decided a retro date to the cinema was the best option. It had been years since the cinema had existed in this format as people much preferred the Holo-plexes now where each experience was tailored to you. Stood outside bathed in the neon lights that covered the building he looked again at the movies on offer, there was a choice of two and he hoped that the one he had decided on was okay, it was about an insomniac who lived in what used to be called Seattle. They called it a romantic comedy but he could not think what would be funny about a tired man. The other choice was about a confused girl who could not decide if she liked men, women or both and was called 'Ambidextrous Bush' but it looked a little racy and he thought to himself that he was blushing too much as it was. He glanced back down the street and there she was huddled against the draft caused by her taxi taking off again for its next fare. She looked stunning and his heart started to beat faster and his mouth went dry, what if she hated the date and he could not think of anything to say? what if she didn't laugh at his jokes, what if she did not feel the same? All these thoughts and more raced through his mind and the she saw him and smiled. That smile just lit up his world and reaffirmed for him that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen or was likely to see. She hurried over to him and they exchanged pleasantries and she seemed genuinely pleased with his choice of date as she had often wondered what they did for entertainment in the old days. Stepping up to the ticket booth he put his thumb on the scanner to pay for the tickets and they waited while they were printed to the back of their hands. Tickets in place they stepped through the doors and back in time, standing in the foyer they were both speechless and as they looked up and all around. Billy reached out his left hand without thinking and was pleasantly surprised to feel Sharon s fingers slip between his. They went over to the food counter and both agreed they could not eat cooked dogs and so went for some popcorn which was apparently a great favourite and good for sharing. Carrying the popcorn in a paper bag they went into the screen room and looked at the rows of seats, his research had told him that the back row was where he should go but it was so far from the screen it seemed to make no sense. By mutual consent they decided on the middle and still holding hands made their way to the seats, they had a laugh as they tried to get the seat to stay down rather than springing back up and finally they were seated. Billy put the popcorn between them and let Sharon try it first, she seemed a little unsure at first but went back for more so he tried a piece too. The sweet taste was a pleasant surprise, the texture unusual and they soon made short work of the whole bag. The lights dimmed and music seemed to boom all around them as images appeared on the white wall in front of them, the film started and they both settled down to watch. As the movie progressed Billy found himself thinking about the feel of Sharon s hand in his and her smile and delight at the theatre. He placed his arm on the rest between the chairs with his palm up and was rewarded when Sharon placed her hand once more on his. He stole a glance at her as she watched the film, the light from the film just enough to highlight her beautiful features. Billy found it was difficult to pull his attention back film which was better than the title had suggested. The date was nearly over and they were standing outside the picture house talking about the film whilst they waited for their taxis. Sharon s taxi arrived first so they had to say good bye and suddenly very shy they stood facing each other, he nervously went to kiss her cheek but turning her head their lips met instead. He was over the moon as he waited for his taxi and looked forward to a second date.


  1. 'Ambidextrous Bush' lol! Good story :)

  2. I liked the ticket on the back of the hand. This type of romantic writing is missing nowadays. Nice story, Ray.

    1. Who knows what the future holds... thank you for your comments :-)

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