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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Find the Rainbow

Slamming the car into reverse he tramped the accelerator, tyres squealed on the tarmac floor and finally bit down enough to propel the car backwards. There was not time to be fancy as he could feel the toxin working on his body and he had to get out of here and fast. He felt the car tilt as he hit the exit ramp and pushed the accelerator to the floor, there was a load crash as he broke through the barrier and was on the street. Spinning the wheel he changed gear and was off heading towards the Rainbow, only it was not a pot of gold he was after. Checking his rear view mirror he saw them exit the ramp and turn after him, he pushed harder on the accelerator and felt the car jump to his command. Weaving in and out of the traffic he was able to open up a little space between them buying him precious time a commodity he was desperately in need of. His thinking was being dulled and he had to concentrate harder and harder to stay on the road, he had to lose his tail and fast so he could make it to the drop off point and get the antidote. He checked the passenger seat and saw the block of cheese was still there, he was not stupid enough to believe this was just a block of cheese although the smell it was giving off made his eyes water. Stealing it had not been easy especially with the poison starting to do its work but he had got in and out pretty clean if not for tripping the silent alarm on his way out. His muscles went into spasm as pain wracked his body, his vision swam and he nearly lost control, he had to hold on just a little longer. He took the next corner hard taking him down a one way street the wrong way, the sight of the bright headlights coming towards him coupled with the angry sound of car horns was disorientating but he new this road and a turning hard right into an alleyway between two buildings. The walls whipped by only inches away on both sides and then without slowing he was across another lane of oncoming traffic, hitting the breaks and spinning the wheel saw him once more going with the flow of traffic and in his mirrors the carnage he had caused as cars had tried to avoid him. There was no way they were going to follow and catch him through that, he accelerated again cutting through the traffic. His symptoms getting steadily worse as his vision blurred and doubled and a cough rattled from deep in his lungs, moving his hand from his mouth he thought he saw blood but put it from his mind. There in the distance but getting rapidly closer was the Rainbow a nightclub come bar that generally catered for the more criminal element of the city, the only cops that went there were on the take. He pushed the pedal to the floor and coaxed as much speed as this car had left to offer, he closed the remaining distance in seconds he was probably going to fast but desperation was his buddy now and hit slammed the breaks on as he cut across the traffic once more spinning the car and feeling it start to tilt over. He wrenched the wheel back across barely controlling it and slammed into the space. As the car stopped he was thrown forward, hitting the steering wheel hard with his chest bringing on another bout of rattling coughing. He rummaged on the floor retrieving the block of cheese still miraculously in one piece, pushing the door open he staggered out onto the street. His vision swam and he was having real trouble focusing, he moved toward the door seeing it swing open. Strong arms caught him as his legs gave way, he was half dragged and carried inside. He felt the needle inserted in his arm and the last thing he heard before it all went black was "is there time? will he make it?"

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