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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A Christmas Story

He seemed so tiny and fragile lying in my arms. I could feel the tears streaming down my face as I looked upon him. Blick had been a big part of my life for many years and although my parents had assumed he was a make believe friend I knew the truth.

I had been nine years old when Blick found me hiding in my garden from my parents, I cannot remember exactly why I was hiding, probably nothing more serious than avoiding chores. I remember, he had strolled into the garden whistling a merry tune with a spring in his step, he had on the strangest outfit I had ever seen, it was all reds and blues topped off with a pointy little hat. He came straight across the garden to where I was sitting behind a hedge, he poked his head around the edge and smiling said "How do you do?". I had been a little taken aback especially as this close I could see he was incredibly short, and I mean INCREDIBLY short for a grown up.

I said “hello” to him not sure of how I should answer this strange man. He introduced himself as 'Blick' and told me he had been looking for me a very long time, to find me, as I had a special destiny. I laughed so hard I nearly cried but there was something in the calm manner with which he looked at me that made me stop. He waited till I was silent once more and asked me if I wanted to hear a story. I was in no rush to face the music inside the house so I said "okay". He had made himself more comfortable sitting on the grass in front of me and began his tale.

His hat wobbled as he talked of Christmas as it once used to be, a magical time full of joy and wonder where the children of the world would write a wish to Santa and send it to the north pole. He talked of excitement, goodwill and festive cheer, he painted such a vivid picture with his words that I could almost hear the laughter and taste the puddings and mince pies. Christmas had lost its magic many years ago, it had been a subtle change so no one had noticed that present giving was very rare and although people sat down for a meal it was nothing like the picture that Blick had painted. People went through the motions but it was a soulless affair. The way Blick described it was certainly not like any Christmas I had ever experienced and I felt a little jealous.

Blick explained that it had all changed when Santa had been taken and locked up by the 'Indraci' a race of creatures who hate joy and happiness. They are of a similar size to elves but have slitted eyes and talons. Being creatures of snow and ice they thrive on cold and abhor heat, their leader is a rogue elf named Scatch who turned away from love and happiness and now called himself Santa Claws. Scratch had used his knowledge of the workshop at the north pole to sneak his Indraci past the defences and had descended on the helpless elves in a night of terror. Only a few had managed to escape and could do nothing as Santa and the other elves were taken.

Blick had been there that night and as he told of the horrors he had seen, he had to hold back the tears of grief, for his fallen friends. He told me how he had been ready to give up that night, but as he lay injured in the snow looking up at the stars, he became aware of what he had thought was a shooting star, but soon realised it was in fact the North Star. The light fell towards him filling more and more of his vision, he felt no fear as he was enveloped in the warm light. His wounds stopped hurting and he fell into a deep sleep. As he slept a voice spoke to him telling him of a child born to bring back the joy of Christmas, who needed to be protected whilst he learned how to fulfil his destiny, a child blessed with gifts who would need guidance if he was to have a chance. Blick had woken healed and whole and with a new sense of purpose, his journey had taken him all over the globe and many years but finally his search was over and he had found me.

I had listened to his tale in silence and even after he had finished I remember sitting there speechless, even though I was young I had sensed the truth in his words and I was left a little shocked. Finally, when I was able to speak I asked how he could be sure it was me, after all there are a lot of children in the world. He said quite simply he was one hundred percent sure because I was the only one that could see him, it was not till I was called in by my parents to face the music that I had realised what he meant. He had strolled in behind me whistling that merry tune of his and my parents did not bat an eyelid, the closest I think they got was mentioning a bird singing outside but I knew it was not.

I was then sent to my room upstairs which suited me fine, as suddenly I had questions to ask Blick, he followed me up to my room and as I sat on the bed he sat cross legged on the floor. I started off with the obvious "why couldn't my parents see you?, you were right in front of them whistling and they saw nothing and thought your tune was a bird!" he looked at me with that twinkle in his eye and said cryptically "They could not see me because they are not you" this obviously made no sense to me then and to be honest only a little sense now. I asked him about my destiny, what did it mean? What was supposed to fulfil? Blick very calmly explained to me that I was going to free Santa, the way he said it was so certain and sure yet at the same time a little nervous. I was only nine years old and suddenly felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, he smiled at me and told me not to worry just yet as he would help me and train me but I was not ready yet.

Blick became my best friend, not my only friend but definitely my best one. My parents put up with him for two years before they made me give him up, at that point I was old enough to realise that people thought it was strange to talk to what they thought was an imaginary friend. After that I was much more careful when talking to Blick and he seemed to think it was wise too. I had not started any training that I was aware of yet and now that I was older Blick seemed to think I was ready. It had been exciting for me as I was not sure what to expect and I woke early the morning I was to begin. it was summer time and the school holidays stretched out in front of me seemingly forever. I was a little disappointed when Blick had me start doing star jumps and running around the garden. I persevered, waiting for the special training to start but days went by with no change and I started to get a little fed up. I had complained to Blick but he just told me that I needed to be strong in body as well as mind and for now we would work on the body. Summer seemed to rush past in a blur of exercise and day trips with my parents, I had a great time but the regimented way I was having to exercise made the fact I had a destiny to fufill all to real. Autumn arrived and went as did winter then spring, I was getting super fit and was no longer picked last at sports. My reactions were getting faster and I was getting more competitive, I started to push myself harder.

Blick seemed pleased with the progress I was making and started to teach me meditation techniques that he said would strengthen my mind and relax my body to help it keep up with the relentless regime I was putting it through. This continued on for the next couple of years, I was starting to fill out across my shoulders and was competing against kids older than me in sports and classes as the techniques Blick taught me pushed my mind and body past any limits I had imagined. It was around this time that Blick told me I would need to step up my training, I remember looking at him in complete disbelief as I honestly thought there was no way I could push myself any harder, I was so wrong.

It was now in the middle of winter and the evenings had drawn in, there was a layer of snow across the garden although the odd bit of grass poked its head defiantly through the snow in places. Blick woke me after my parents had gone to bed and told me we were going outside, I reached for my dressing gown and slippers but he told me to leave them behind. That was how I found myself shivering and cold, standing in the garden wearing my pyjamas and nothing on my feet. I begged Blick to let me go in as I was so cold but he fixed me with a stare that had none of its normal twinkle. I clamped my jaw shut against any other complaints and he started to take me through some of the mind exercises he had been teaching me recently.

I felt myself calming and he told me to imagine pushing the cold slowly away from my body, I did it and although I did not feel warm I was no longer cold, it was like I created a barrier and used it to push the cold away. I was so excited by my success that I broke concentration to tell Blick it was working only to feel the cold rush back start me shivering again. It took a few more attempts to replicate this first success and I was so cold by this point that I dare not break concentration and feel again the icy tentacles of the cold reaching for me. I am not sure how long I stood there but I did not seem to feel cold any more and had managed to apply a little warmth as well. When he told me to do so I opened my eyes and gasped in shock as I saw the perfect circle of green around me were the snow had melted after being warmed by me.

The ground was mushy were the water had begun to soak in. I thought I caught a look of surprise on Blicks face but it was gone in an instant, I asked him what pushing the cold from me would accomplish and he told me “not a lot” and barked a little laugh. He explained briefly that eventually I would be able to push the cold out of an Indraci which would cause them to become sluggish and lethargic. The sun was just starting to peer over the horizon, chasing the night away and I realized I had been standing outside for most of the night. Now that my concentration had been broken I began to feel the cold again and so I had sneaked back to my room before my parents woke up and found me missing. I was strangely rested considering I was only now climbing into bed. I had stopped to look out the window at that circle of green and pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming. I wrapped myself in the duvet and felt the cold seep out of my bones once more. I wanted to ask Blick what had happened that he had not expected but he had not followed me upstairs and it soon slipped my mind.

From time to time he would disappear for a day or so without notice and then come strolling back, I would always hear his merry whistling long before I laid eyes on him. This time was different though and he was gone for over a week and I was starting to get worried. Putting the time to good use I carried on with my exercises of the mind and body. I pushed myself harder surprising myself daily, exceeding what I thought was possible. My parents started to comment on the weird circles of snow and then one night I really concentrated on the cold moving from me and cleared our whole garden, right to the boundary but warming that much of an area had taken its toll on me.

I spent time practicing, just keeping me warm and pushing the cold further away from me which was less draining. It was an interesting conversation over breakfast that morning and I had to fight the urge not to laugh at the bemused look on their faces.

I was getting better at focusing my mind and decided that perhaps I had tortured my parents enough with these strange goings on. That night as I walked barefoot into the snow I focused on keeping the cold from my body but not affecting anything else, it took most of the night to get it right but I was finally able to hold the cold at bay just to the edge of me and not melting the snow as long as I moved around. Standing still caused the snow to melt beneath my feet but in a much smaller radius, the solution came when I tried the trick whilst out for the day with my parents. I had realized by pushing the cold to the edge of my body that my shoes and clothes protected the snow from the gentle warmth I applied to myself, stopping it melting any more than when anyone else stood on it.

I was really starting to enjoy this skill and wondered what else I could do when I heard the merry tune of Blicks whistle coming towards me, he sauntered into view weaving around the public that milled around the shopping centre we were in at that time. I remember wanting to ask him where he had been, although he probably wouldn’t tell me. The rest of the day spent choosing new clothes dragged, but finally was over and I was able to ask my questions of Blick. This time I was determined to get at least some answers, I was putting in all this effort and it was about time he stopped with the secrecy and I told him so.

He had gestured for me to sit on the bed which I did and he proceeded to tell me that he had been rounding up some of the remaining elves and this last week he had been with them on a scouting mission, looking for the last ones remaining from the workshop. This had been difficult because they had to rescue ten of their brethren from a band of Indraci and then leave no trail that could lead back to home and me. I will admit to feeling a little bit sheepish and selfish, when I heard what he had been up to, but I told him to let me know in future, what was happening. He had nodded and looked at me appraisingly as if seeing for the first time the young man I was growing in to.
The next few months had seen relentless training by Blick and I could sense the urgency growing. I knew the time was dawning where I would have to fulfil my destiny, I had felt excited but also scared by the prospect back then. I had learned more about what I was able to do with the cold and was now able to influence areas at a distance, it had been uncomfortable at first, as it took a while to perfect keeping the cold from myself as well as working on a separate area. I was sure this was going to help me immobalise Indraci so I practised hard. I fell into my bed each night in a state of exhaustion both physical as well as mental.
Blick had made me sign up to martial arts lessons the previous year and I was getting very good. At first I was not sure why, but he had told me that even a sluggish Indraci is pretty dangerous. I found that I had to hold back in classes as I realized that I was stronger and faster than most of the class now, the only time I could push myself to my full potential was with Blick who was surprisingly strong and agile. For an elf he was endlessly devious at hand to hand combat. I remember telling him that it seemed pointless for me to go to the classes when he was so much better than my teacher, he had smiled and told me that it was good for me to spend time with other people and be aware of their limits so as not to accidentally hurt them.

Blick was starting to disappear on a more frequent basis and for longer each time and he seemed more serious and intense than ever before, the whistling had stopped and the twinkle from his eyes had all but gone. I remember feeling feeling very worried and anxious, looking back that was probably why I discovered another skill to do with my mind.

I had been stood in the field at the back of our house, shielded from prying eyes by a row of conifers and using the techniques I had been taught to push the cold from a stone. I can only assume that I had a panic attack, as suddenly the size of the task that lay ahead had finally hit me and I was old enough now to realise the danger to me. My pulse had increased and my heart was pounding within my chest, I felt the world around me go dim as as I started to lose consciousness. The stone was the only thing I could see and my irrational fear seemed to link itself to this thing. I just needed to get away from this object but my legs were so weak and I sank to my knees feeling the dampness of the grass through my jeans. I flung my hands out towards the stone as if to push it away from me and the last thing I saw before the darkness claimed me was the stone jump into the air.

I awoke to a throbbing pain in my head and the chill from the cold damp grass seeping into me. Without thinking I pushed the cold away and immediately felt better. Regaining my feet I had walked over towards the stone, pausing to look at the dent in the grass where the stone had been laying. I went and picked it up seeing the grass spring back into place, the stone looked normal in my hands but then I dont know what I expected to see. I placed it back on the floor in its original position and went back to my starting place. I had forgotten the panic attack and remember being excited to try and move the stone again. I wish I could say I was able to reproduce the feat again but the most I was able to do was make it wobble a little, even then, I could not guarantee that I had not imagined even that.

I resolved to spend an hour a day on this new development but no more, I had to perfect the skills I knew about and it would be too easy to get distracted now. I made my way home after a short run to clear the cobwebs from my brain and had spent the evening with friends as I felt the need for some normalcy. I remember thinking during the next few days how they seemed to drag and that the endless waiting was driving me insane, looking back now I wished I had not been in such a hurry.
Blicks next return heralded change. I could see that from the purposeful stride that something was going to happen, he had signalled to me that I should go to my room, I was in the middle of dinner so I had wolfed down what I had left much to the disdain of my parents and excused myself from the table. Rushing up the stairs I found him sitting cross legged on the floor and I went to sit on the edge of the bed facing him. He had told me that the situation had come to a head and that I had been discovered by the Indraci and that we had to make our move now. I had sat there in shock and suddenly did not feel very ready for what was about to happen.

Following his instructions I got changed into some hardier clothes having been in pyjamas at dinner. I pulled on my jeans and t-shirt and then a light weight jacket that did not restrict movement. I had to wait until my parents had gone to bed before sneaking out, I was following Blick across the garden when I realised I had not even left a note. Blick turned as he sensed my sudden hesitation but had moved his head side to side at my unasked question, I knew then it was to late to turn back. We were approaching the row of conifers now and I could hear something chiming on the wind, it was like a chime only the notes were so pure and clear, I picked up my pace curious now but I stopped dead as the branches were parted.

It was not the elves standing there in a myriad of clashing colours that had shocked me, although at any other time that would have been plenty, it was the sleigh. Bright Red with a dark wood trim, the seats lined with white furs for comfort and warmth. Behind the seat there was room for what I guessed would ordinarily be a sack of presents but currently housed a small bundle of red and white fabric. There was a lantern affixed to a hook at the front which gave of a soft yellow light. Out in front, four reindeer attached by their harnesses, along which where little bells that chimed as they moved. I was struck dumb at seeing Santa’s sleigh and even though it was a long way till Christmas I had felt the joy and wonder that had been missing for so long. I wished that everyone could share this feeling. I could see the approving looks on the faces of the elves as they saw my obvious joy.

I had moved towards the sleigh and reverently slid my hand along the side, feeling the grain of the wood beneath my fingers, the graceful curves and the small pattern carved along its length of holly and presents. It was so silent other than the odd chime of the bells as I moved along and patted the reindeer’s flanks, seeing for the first time the names on the harnesses, Blitzen, Dancer, Prancer and Dasher. Finally I was stood in front and looking into the eyes of four reindeer and seeing an awareness that should not be there and I knew these animals were no dumb beasts. I glanced across at Blick questioningly who had said that I should get in the sleigh as I could not travel the same way as the elves I did not possess their magic.

I made my way down the other side stopping to pat Prancer and Dasher on the way. I settled myself on the furs and looked around not sure what to do, the matter was taken out of my hands when another elf came and sat beside me, his name he told me was Scootch and he took hold of the reins and I was forced back into the seat as the reindeer surged forward and we took flight. I doubt that any experience I will ever have will match up to that flight, the speed and exhilaration made me laugh out loud. I had plucked up the courage to look over the side and could see the lights that seemed to twinkle in the night below me, I watched as we flew over towns and villages and imagined people looking up and pointing in wonder at the spectacle above their heads but I knew we were too high and moving to fast to be seen. I settled back in the seat and was soon lulled into sleep by the sound of the bells chiming and the calming whoosh as we cut through the air.

I am not sure how long I slept for but when my eyes opened it was still dark out and I realised that the wind noise was louder and a lurching feeling in my stomach alerted me to our decent. I was so very cold and I forced it from my body and warmed myself. I peered over the side and wished I hadn't as the ground appeared to be rushing up to meet us, I stifled a scream as at the last minute the reindeer righted their decent and we smoothly touched down on fresh deep snow.

I managed to calm my self as I donned the snow shoes I was given, now I understood why Blick had made me spend a day walking around with tennis rackets tied to my feet. I disembarked from the sleigh and said my thanks to Scootch and the reindeer who snorted an acknowledgement to me. I walked over to join the rest of the elves who were in deep conversation, they made way for me to join them. Blick bought me up to speed on what I had missed, which was not much, thankfully. They had waited for me for the serious stuff and now we got down to planning in earnest. The elves using their magic were able to mould the snow to create a model of the building that was housing the captive Santa Claus. I was amazed at the detail when they made miniature versions of the Indraci appear, patrolling in the routine they had been observed for the last couple of months.

I asked for them to create a life size model of an Indraci so that I could fully understand what I would be up against. It was creepy looking on this creature of evil, suddenly it lunged at me, claws flashing for my throat and I stumbled backwards falling in the snow. The Indraci disintegrated becoming a miniature snow shower, covering me from head to toe. I looked over at the elves who were trying very hard not to laugh at me. I dusted myself off and rejoined the group, Blick burst out laughing as he looked in my face and though I tried to be angry I imagined how it would have looked and found myself laughing too. It was a great release of tension and I think we all needed it, however we had planning to do and were soon engrossed again.

The plan was fairly simple: Sneak past the patrolling guards, infiltrate the building then find and free Santa Claus and so full of confidence we set off. It was a long walk, and I commented at the fact it was not getting any lighter. Blick filled the gap in my knowledge about the south pole, apparently the sun does not show its face there very often and was next due in a few months. While he was explaining, we reached the crest of a hill and he pulled me to the ground, putting his finger to his lips to make sure I understood the need for silence. We edged forward and peered down the other side to the building I had only seen in miniature, it was exactly as I had been shown earlier even to the roaming patrol. It was about to get real and I had felt a strange sense of calm descend over me, my training had started to assert itself and I had finally felt ready.

I looked across at Blick, pointed at the rear of the building waited for his nod and we were off and in a crouching run through the gap in the patrol. Huddled low we covered the ground quickly despite my snow shoes, soon we were stood with our backs against the cold wall of the building.

I edged to the corner and peeked around and seeing the solitary Guard in front of the door I moved back out of sight and whispered to Blick my intention to neutralise the threat. As the snow was compacted this close to the building I kicked off the snow shoes as I did not want to have my movement hampered, I stepped into view and the Indraci immediately started towards me. I was horrified at how fast it moved and it had closed three quarters of the distance in a blink of an eye before my training kicked in and I focused enough to take the cold away. Its momentum carried it forward into my spin kick, stunned and sluggish, it was easily finished with a flurry of punches that sent it unconscious to the floor. Blick appeared next to me and told me he would drag the Indraci around the back of the building and out of sight and that I should go on ahead.

I moved along the wall towards the door, trying the handle was relieved to find it turned under my hand and I slipped inside closing the door behind me. Around the building at the windows and the other door the elves were trying to gain entrance, the plan was if they could not get in they would melt back into the distance and be ready should anything go wrong. Knowing what I know now, I should had realised that it was too easy, but in the heat of the moment, with adrenalin coursing through my veins I did not stop to think but moved deeper into the building. I did not see any sign of the elves but I also did not see any sign of the Indraci. I came to the bottom of a set of stairs and worked my way up, keeping to the wall to minimise any sound, as I could not afford a squeak to give me away.

I found myself in a long corridor and looked both ways, there was no sign of anyone and there were doorways lining the walls down both sides. I had been told that Santa was in the end room at the back of the building and so I turned left and sneaked down the corridor to the end. A couple of times I stopped as I thought I heard a noise in one of the rooms I passed, holding my breath hoping that the noise of my heart beating like a drum in my chest would not get me caught. Each time I pushed on after a brief pause, finally I was at the end of the hallway and at the door. I could not believe it I was about to meet a legend the one and only Santa Claus, I reached out and touched the handle and that was when it hit the proverbial fan.

Sirens blared out and as I spun around every door down the corridor opened and out stepped Indraci. I reached behind me for the handle and turning it stepped backwards into the room. I slammed shut the door and turned to see a frail looking old man laying on a bed, he looked weak and sickly and I realised at once I was not going to get any help from this quarter. Looking around I saw a chest of drawers and dragged them in front of the door just as the first of the Indraci threw themselves at it causing it to rattle on its hinges. I ran to the window looking for a way out and was horrified to see a battle being waged outside, the elves having been ambushed and where holding their ground valiantly.

The sound of the door being smashed behind me faded as I saw Blick move into view, time seemed to move in slow motion as I saw an Indraci burst up from beneath the snow behind him and thrust out a clawed hand. Blick collapsed in a spray of blood and I screamed out 'no' over and over again, the Indraci looked up at the window and smiled at me. Blick lying so still at its feet broke my heart and I felt something snap inside of me. I turned in time to see the last of the door being ripped away, I let them move the chest of drawers for me and then took the cold away all down the corridor and watched their faces register surprise.

Without the cold that sustained them they became slow and lethergic and I ruthlessly applied not the gentle warmth from before but a white hot heat to match the raging grief I was feeling, all down the corridor the Indraci turned into vapour. I helped Santa to his feet surprised at the weight of him. With him leaning on me for support we made our way to the top of the stairs, he was breathing hard and a said he had to rest. Every fibre of my being was screaming at me to run down the stairs and join the fray but Santa was the reason for this mission and I owed it to Blick and the others to get him out of here. I had sat him on the top step and explained to him that this was a rescue but we had walked blindly into a trap, he could see I was upset and had forced himself upright with a supreme force of will, to make our way down the stairs.

I saw Indraci massing at the foot of the stairs and in a blink of an eye I turned them into vapour. I would show no mercy to these vile creatures and as we made our slow way to the door I kept that promise as I used my talent again and again until they realised that to come at me was to invite destruction. We finally got to the door that would lead us outside, I asked Santa if he would be alright, he was only wearing his black boots and red trousers held up with braces over a white T-Shirt, he nodded he was okay. When I opened it there was no sound of fighting any more and I was not sure if that was good or bad. We were going to step outside when I heard a snide little voice say “And were do you think you are going” I had turned slowly to see an elf dressed all in black in an outfit the same style as Santa Claus. I felt my rage crest and went to move the cold out of him as I had with the Indraci but he just laughed at me and called me a pathetic child.

He held in his hand a staff and seeing it Santa took an involuntary step forward as he reached for it, the elf Scatch who I realised must be 'Santa Claws' pointed at the real Santa and he fell to his knees shaking in pain. I moved forward too, to try and stop this frail old man suffering any more at the hands of this despicable creature when the finger swung from Santa to me. My knees buckled and I will never be able to describe the agony that tore through my body, 'Claws' took another step closer to us and I managed to block some of the pain using the exercises Blick had taught me, Santa through gritted teeth said “get the staff”, I could only think of one thing to try but I was aware that it had only really worked the once. I centred my mind and called the staff to me, it hit my outstretched hand and immediately the pain stopped. I let out a sigh of relief and stood using the staff to help me. 'Claws' looked shocked at what had happened but more so when I used that power to throw him against the wall, he slid to the floor like a rag doll and I gave no consideration to the fact that I might have killed him. I turned to Santa and helped him once more to his feet, I had passed him the staff and when he had hold of it had seemed to sand taller and look less frail and more hearty.

I had tarried enough and told Santa I had to check on Blick, he told me to go and he would follow shortly as his strength was returning through the magic of the staff. I rushed out into the snow and saw that the fighting had indeed stopped and the elves had rounded up the remaining Indraci, I ran around the side of the building to where I saw Blick lying in the snow. I turned him over and looked at his pale face, I could see he was not breathing and he seemed so tiny and fragile lying in my arms. I could feel the tears streaming down my face as I looked down at him. In my young life I had not encountered death before, Blick was lifted gently from my arms by the elves and taken away.

I knelt there in the snow and gave in to my grief and felt no shame as the sobs racked from me. I am not sure how long I was like that but I felt a comforting hand on my shoulder, I looked up to see the figure of Santa Claus standing there. How I could have thought him frail I will never know, he was larger than life and a force of nature once more. In the background I could see the sleigh and reindeer and that explained the red coat he had found. Snow started to fall around us but none settled on him but seem to dance away to fall elsewhere. He spoke to me in a voice deep and full of power “My thanks to you for my rescue and the return of this staff, fashioned by the elves from the very first Christmas tree” he looked at it reverently and went on “This staff contains the magic of Christmas and it has been ill used these last years by one who betrayed his people and his nature, what you have done will bring joy to many. I would not deem to make light of your pain but look to Christmas and you will feel a lifting of your heart” with that he used his staff to send me into a deep sleep.

I awoke at home and was surprised that the whole adventure had taken place in only one night. Time as they say is the great healer and all though I thought of Blick often in the coming months I was able to remember the good times we had and not dwell on the sad. December dawned and with the first opening of the doors on the advent calenders around the world something magical happened, everyone felt it. The excitement and anticipation of Christmas was back and as each door opened the feeling grew, people laughed and joked and bought gifts for their loved ones delighting in the wrapping of presents and the writing of cards. In my house the atmosphere affected even me and on Christmas eve I hung a stocking and left a mince pie and carrot on the mantle over the fire for Santa and his reindeer.

I struggled to sleep that night knowing that Santa was going to be able to deliver the greatest gift to every house, the gift of 'Christmas spirit and joy'. I finally drifted of to sleep only to be awoken by Santa as he sat on the edge of my bed a few hours later, I was wide awake in an instant. He looked at the shock on my face and laughed out loud “Ho ho ho” it was such a joyful sound that I found myself laughing too, he told me in that deep happy voice that as I had been instrumental in the return of Christmas that I deserved the first present of Christmas. As the words sank in I heard a merry tune being whistled and Blick walked into the room with a merry twinkle in his eyes.

I realised I was crying, although this time tears of joy. Blick explained that although he had been near death there had been enough life left for his brother elves to help heal him and he had lain in stasis until this very evening when the north star bathed him in her magical light, completing the ritual. Santa invited me along and that night and we flew around the world spreading the Joy of Christmas laughing and joking until finally our job was done. I was returned home and given one last gift, an orb that would let me travel to Santa’s workshop whenever I wanted to visit my friend. I was told to visit often as I still had much to learn and there was still a destiny to fulfil as Scatch had escaped.......but I guess that is another story. The End.

Sexy Holiday Bites

Merry Christmas to you all. I know I have been very quiet recently but I would like to take the opportunity to tell you about a new book I have been involved with. It is a collection of stories with festive themes, 9 Authors have contributed with mine written under my Pen Name of R. T. Steory. 

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

For Love

What would you do for love?, How far would you go and what would you sacrifice?. The easy answer is 'everything'. Before you rush in with a grand sweeping statement, take a moment to hear my story. Once you have heard what I have to say, I wonder if your answer will change....

I met the woman of my dreams literally whilst I was sleeping. When I woke up the following morning I could not remember the dream, but a feeling of loss. It was a feeling I could not shake, it was tangible and felt all to real. Something special had happened to me and I wanted to be back, snugly wrapped in that dream. The only problem, the more I tried to remember the further away from me it got. It was like trying to grab hold of mist that kept swirling away from me.

I was wide awake and had to get ready for work. My morning routine was hurried and soon I headed out the door. Something was different though, I felt different more alive than I had in years. As much as I had felt loss earlier, I now felt hope and excitement. Anything was possible, the day flew by, my new positive attitude making me more productive than I been in a long while. I was glad when it came time to go home and even more pleased when I was finally able to go to sleep.

Against all odds I found her again and this time I awoke with a name on my lips 'Alice'. The rest of the details were sketchy but I had a name. That had made it all the more real to me. I don't know how but I made it through another day. I was in a buoyant mood and nothing could bring me down. Getting home after work and realised I was so excited that sleep was not likely to come easily. I dusted of my weights and worked out until I was exhausted. It was going to be worth the pain to see Alice again. Her name filled me with warmth and provided me with a sense of peace. To me she was harmony, a quiet port in the storm. I showered and got ready for bed. Setting my alarm I closed my eyes, it seemed immediately that my alarm went off.

I awoke feeling disappointment. I knew I had seen her again, the only thing still distinct was her name. 'Alice' echoed through my mind and left me wanting more. I sat up in bed and groaned as my body protested. I really had overdone it on the exercise front. I would love to say I rather manly pushed on through the pain but that was not quite how it went. The whole day was spent letting all and sundry know the pain was from working out. Finally the day finished and I was home once more. There was no way I was going to exercise again, to be honest I did not need to. Feeling naturally tired, it was not long after eating my dinner and I was off to bed again.

This time I seemed to stay in my dream state longer and oh what a dream it was. Alice was there, I was hopelessly smitten with this woman of my dreams. When my alarm had dragged me cruelly from my slumber, I had clear picture in my mind of Alice. I could see her wavy brown hair, cascading down to her shoulders. Her eyes such a deep shade of hazel, they seem to invite you in with their warmth. Alice’s' full mouth and ready smile, the way she slightly cocks her head to one side when listening to me. I know its insane, but to me she was more real than any girl I had ever met in this waking world of ours. I still could not recall everything, but I took heart from the clear picture of her. It seemed that each night I was able to remember more and with greater clarity.

Finally it was Friday and the weekend beckoned. The thought of not having to set my alarm that got me through the day. I finished work and after going out for a couple of drinks, I made my excuses and headed home. I was not home for long when I felt the pull on my eyelids and with no little excitement I went up to bed. My eyes closed.

I was in a Café, sitting in the window, sipping at my coffee and watching the world go by. I was in a world of my own until I had noticed a goddess walking down the street. Wrapped up in a big coat and scarf, her hands stuffed deep into her pockets. Each breath creating a small cloud of vapour as her warm breath hit the cold air. She was walking fast. No one would want to be outside any longer than they needed to be. I had watched her as she approached the café and found myself wishing she would turn in.

The door opened with the tinkling of a bell. She stepped over the threshold before walking down the aisle. Alice reached the end of her pew, made the sign of the cross, then took her seat. The vicar began the sermon, building up, to a fantastic solo dance routine. The dance floor in the nightclub began to fill up. I saw her the other side of the room laughing and talking to a friend.

I plucked up the courage and walked towards her. The music was loud, I could feel the beat, vibrating through my bones. People were whirling around me faster and faster. A blur of colours causing me to lose sight of her. I spun around. There, just in the corner of my eye, I caught sight of her again. I started off, finally finding myself standing in front of her.

Struggling with what to say. I was acutely aware that we were now alone and it was very quiet. We were standing underneath a solitary street lamp, set in a dark barren void. The light it cast was warming and provided a sense of security. I was half expecting an echo, when I had finally plucked up the nerve to speak. Other than the slightly higher pitch to my voice, due to nerves, there was nothing. The words, once started, did not want to stop.

My voice had returned to normal but I could not control the speed. I blurted out information about myself to her. It was like I was trying to upload information and only had seconds with which to do it. Finally I was spent, I had given her the story of my whole life, not just the good bits. I thought that's it, what have you done?. Then suddenly Alice started to speak too.

Her face showed confusion as she started to speak faster and faster too. It was surreal, I knew she was speaking so fast, I should not be able to make any sense. Each word was heard and I understood everything so clearly. Before I knew it, Alice had finished her life story as well. We stood there, in this barren void, bathed in a warm and secure light. Both of us a little startled, felt the need for physical contact. I guess we were looking for something normal, in this abnormal place.

As my hand reached out, so did hers. The contact was electric and it kick started my heart. I felt that I had always been incomplete, that there was something important missing. Here in this moment, in this place, I was made whole. Looking from our joined hands, up to her beautiful hazel eyes, I registered surprise and happiness on her face. I was sure she could see the same mirrored on mine.

There was so much I wanted to say, I was not sure were to start, I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I had tried again but found I was mute. I did not understand what was happening. I was standing here, in front of my soul mate, after we had been bought together, by some unseen force. Now I was being hindered. To make matters worse, I could feel her slipping away. Ever so slowly, the distance between us was increasing.

I felt her grip my hand tighter. I did the same to hers, taking comfort in that simple gesture, like me she did not want to lose this moment. Before long, our arms were fully stretched out, our fingers, sliding across the palm of each others hands. Only the tips of our fingers were then touching, the only contact we had left. Even that was short lived, we were pulled apart.

The light went out, there was only blackness. No longer whole, there was a gaping cavern inside me. It had always been there, now though, it felt raw. I knew there was no medicine on earth, that could soothe this agony. I could not breathe, this pain was unbearable, in one gasping sob I awoke. I could feel the tears, streaming down my face. I had curled myself into a protective ball and let the emotion pour from me. I am not sure how long I lay there, only that the pillow was dry, when I climbed from my bed.

I went to the shower and hoped, the steaming water, would wash away the pain. I had felt numb, standing under that torrent of water. Wishing my pain away, it was not to be, finally I turned the water off. I was in a daze, the rest of the day a blur. I could not really remember much. I have a vague recollection of eating something, but could not tell you what it was. I had sat staring into space, until finally, I must have drifted off again.

This time, my dreams whirled past at dizzying speeds, as I searched everywhere for her. I swam oceans, I climbed mountains, I waged wars for her freedom, but never could I find her. I had awoken feeling bone weary. Checking the time, it was too early be awake. But suddenly I was wide awake, I had sat bolt upright in shock. This could not be!, I leapt from bed. Ignoring very real aches and pains, that confirmed I had not had a peaceful rest. I turned the television on and flicked through the channels, until I found a 24 hour news channel. There it was, staring me in the face, my legs gave way and I collapsed on the floor.

I had been asleep for three days, how was that possible and what did it mean?. I became acutely aware of my thirst, I staggered to the kitchen and ran the tap. I was so thirsty that I just tilted my head to to water and drank my fill. Once sated, I rooted around the cupboard and found something to eat. Chocolate biscuits, not the best thing for me, at this point the least of my worries. I tried to take stock. I had missed work, and lost so much time, it really scared me. What was happening to me, was I going crazy? These thoughts, went round and round in my brain, till finally I was able to call the doctors.

Appointment booked I felt a little calmer. With that, I phoned work and apologised for not being in. I explained I had booked an appointment with my doctor and would call again, after I had seen them. My boss was actually very understanding, once he had got past the telling me off, for not phoning sooner. I finally felt I was getting some control back in my life. Sitting there waiting till I had to leave, I thought back, over what had happened. I wondered how it would seem to people on the outside looking in.

When my thoughts touched on Alice, I felt panic flutter in my chest and I hoped she was okay. Why couldn't I find her? was she safe?. I had been through such a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. My own sanity was in doubt, I did not for one moment think that she was not real.

Finally I got on the bus to take me into town, a pretty uneventful trip. Just the act of catching a bus had seemed to calm me further, what can be more normal than taking a bus into town?. I made it to the surgery with plenty of time, as usual I was kept waiting for twenty minutes. Forced to sit next a young mother, her two toddlers who viewed me as a climbing frame half the time. the other half they spent screaming at each other. Their mum looked wearily on. I have never seen anyone look so tired and resigned, I tried to start a conversation, she just looked at me, then away again.

Finally I was called and made my way to the office, knocking before I entered. The doctor invited me to take a seat, suddenly I felt very nervous, was I about to be locked up?. I told the doctor that I had been asleep for three days. Nothing to do with Alice, he ran some tests, telling me my blood pressure seemed high. He could find nothing else wrong. I was told he would arrange a specialist referral, this was the first case of this type he had seen. I was not sure what a specialist would be able to do but I left the office feeling better. Maybe there was something medical wrong with me and it was not my mind?.

I sat on the bus thinking it all through and got to wondering were Alice had gone. I pictured her in my mind, I could not seem to banish the look of worry and torment on her face, oh how I missed her smile. I almost went past my stop whilst day dreaming of her. I took a detour to the shops to restock the fridge and get some dinner. I had felt the need to cook a proper dinner, it seemed like something normal and right. When I had gotten home, I took some time to tidy up. A whiz around with the vacuum, then the ironing, whilst singing to the radio and I was ready to cook up a storm. Dinner was washed down with a nice cold beer, followed with another.

I had a mellow buzz as I sat on the sofa, the radio was still playing its music in the background and I closed my eyes to relax. Sleep came over me so slowly, I did not realise what was happening, one minute I was on the Sofa and then I was standing in pitch black. There was no sound when I clapped my hand, although I could feel the impact. I stood still for a while but with nothing happening. I took a step forward. Edging my foot forward slowly at first, hands up in front. There really was nothing there. I took another step and then another, my confidence grew, soon I was walking normally.

I was was not sure where I was heading, it felt better to be moving, so I carried on. Time had no meaning here, I felt no fatigue but the constant silence, coupled with the pitch darkness, started to take its toll on me. Why was I here?, What was the meaning of this?, Was Alice here?, If so how could I find her in this place?. I started to panic and felt claustrophobic, I had to get out of here, my heart was pounding, my breathing coming in ragged gasps. I launched into a head long run, my feet pounding the ground, I had to make it out!. Faster and faster I ran, till I was almost flying. My feet got tangled, I went down and found myself standing there, in the pitch black.

I went to my knees and my head fell down to my chest. I felt so defeated, how could I get out of this place? Where was Alice?. I stayed like that for what had felt like hours, something began to change. Where there was despair, it was slowly replaced with anger, which burnt into a white hot rage. I screamed it out but rather than sound, light poured out of me, until I could scream no more.

I was stood in a hall, on each wall was a closed door, next to me a sign post, pointing to each of them. The sign post said 'Alice' on each prong and was slowly spinning around. I decided enough was enough, picking the door opposite, I strode across the open space. Opening the door, I stepped through and was in a prison visiting room. I was sat on the wrong side of the glass, in my prison fatigues, my hand holding the phone to my ear. Alice looked just as I remembered and took my breath away, suddenly everything was worth it, I opened my mouth to speak. She silenced me by raising her finger to her lips, I stopped waiting for her to say something. She didn't say a word, just sat there looking at me. I was unsure what to do but raised a hand to the glass.

I was pleased when she mirrored me. I could imagine the warmth of her palm against mine as we sat looking at each other. This seemed to be our lot, forever destined to know, that the other was there, but never able to truly be together. I hung up the phone, never letting my other hand leave the glass, finally content that I had found her again. I knew now, that I would always find her, even if the challenges seemed insurmountable.We would be together and we would be happy. Her smile suggested she could read my mind, I had felt like I could lose myself forever in its brilliance, the shape of her mouth, making me wish I could kiss her lips.

Pain tugging at my hand, not agonising, but uncomfortable, caused me to look away. I could see nothing wrong, but it was there, not as sharp as before. A definite feeling lingered on the top of my right hand, just below my wrist. Everything flickered, I looked back to Alice, but I knew she was gone. The sensation came again in my hand and felt more insistent. It was getting harder to ignore, as I focused on it more, the room got darker and and darker, until again it was pitch black. I lost sense of who I was and just dreamed.

I awoke to garish strip lights blazing in the hospital, causing me to squint and raise my hand to my eyes. The reflex action caused my hand to sting, as the canular in the back of my hand pulled tight. I took in my surroundings. I was on a hospital ward, with eight beds, four each side. Other than mine, it looked like only two others were taken. The occupiers of these, both seemed to be in their eighties and fast asleep. I must have made some sound, as suddenly there was a nurse at my bedside, checking my eyes and pulse.

I tried to ask her what had happened, all that came out was a dry croak. It felt like I had not spoken in some time. She got a glass of water for me and cautioned me to take small sips. I took the advice, although I wanted to drain the cup, in one big gulp. I tried again and managed to ask the question. The answer was shocking to me, I tried to sit up and had realised how weak I was. Could it be true, had I been here six weeks? What the hell had happened?.

The nurse explained, I had been found unresponsive at home, by the police, when they were alerted by my boss. They had been worried when I did not show up for work and had tried knocking on my door, to no avail. Calling the police had probably saved my life, I felt grateful, I had people who cared enough to do that for me. Although I had been unresponsive, the nurses had managed to rouse me enough at meal times to eat, although they had to feed me, as I was not able to do it myself.

All of the tests and scans seemed to suggest I was in a deep sleep, there was nothing else wrong with me, no tumours, growths or Cancers. I was something of a celebrity in the medical world, I even had someone writing a paper on me. I was overwhelmed by it all and started to feel tired. This was very strange, considering the sleep I had just had.

I no longer felt part of this world, I wanted the happiness that I had found with Alice. I realised if I wanted her, this world would be my sacrifice. So I let the sleep take me, as I went under I am pretty sure I was smiling. I could not begin to describe the trials of pain and heartache I went through to find Alice, the countless times she was ripped away from me, my endless search for her.

Only when she was near did I feel any peace, we never spoke a word, that always seemed to cause me to lose her again. There was always a connection we shared, when looking in each others eyes. The feeling of belonging, of knowing that she was my everything, knowing she felt the same, was a drug to me, one I could never give up. I used to laugh at films that told of love and what people would do for it. Me? I had given up life for mine and I would do it all over again.

I found myself wandering in a desert, looking and searching for Alice. I knew I would find her, I always did, but I was so thirsty. My mouth was so dry and thoughts of water kept straying across my mind. There was nothing on the horizon in any direction, except more dunes. I got to the top of my current one and licked my cracked lips, It made no difference. I stumbled as I started down the other side, the world rushed up to meet me, I had the strange feeling of vertigo you get when you fall in a dream. This coupled with a metallic crash, caused me to start awake in a room.

It was early evening and getting dark. I was sitting in a chair by the window over looking a garden, that had been well tended. The garden was nice but I was drawn to the mess on the floor. It consisted of a metal tray, a broken glass, a small pool of water and an overturned small plastic cup. The contents which it had spilt were tablets, these were slowly dissolving. Beyond this mess there were sensible black shoes, perfect for wearing on a long shift at work. Wearing dark tights and a white nurses uniform was Alice. She was stood there looking so beautiful, her face showed the shock of seeing me.

Alice stepped forward, reaching out as if to touch me and see if I was real. I tried to stand but felt so weak, all I could do was reach out my arm to meet her. I was shocked at how skinny and pale it looked. How long had I been here and like this?, her fingers touched mine and I knew. I had come home.

The Party

He had been at the party for a while. Glancing across the crowded room he was immediately struck dumb. In all his young life, he had never seen anything, so beautiful, pure and elegant.

Aware that he was staring but unable to stop himself. Self conscious, he was sure his face was going red. He let his eyes drift slowly upwards, caressing every sumptuous curve, lingering far longer than he should.

He knew he would have to do something soon. Feeling the eyes of everyone on him, even though no one had noticed. His gaze swept up, to the most graceful neck he had ever seen. Suddenly it was too much for him, the time had come to act on his urges.

The decision made, he strode purposefully across the room. Weaving his way around the other guests, the moment was here. Clearing his throat, he finally picked up the icy cold bottle of beer. He took a long gulp of his drink. Letting out a satisfied sigh, he headed back to his seat.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

The fear

The land was savage and wild. People were ruthless, if you let your guard down, just once, you were dead. It had been that way since the breakdown of the great society over a century ago. Where once there was peace and plenty there was now pain and suffering. The rules were simple, every man for himself, if you could take it you could keep it, as long as you could hold it. Some had risen in power and prominence, they were bad people, hard and deadly. They gathered followers, people too scared to make it on their own, people that sought safety in the shadow of oppression. For Harken that was no way of life, he could not bring himself to bend to the will of others and he had no inclination to rule.

A bead of sweat made its way down the side of his face, it irritated his skin but he ignored the sensation, this was no time to give away his position due to carelessness. There was a time when he considered this area as exotic, experience had taught him otherwise. Crouched in the long grass, he waited for the patrol to pass him by. The kill lay still warm at his feet, it meant meat for his group, a small smile crossed his face as he he pictured them welcoming him as a super-hero returned. The smile was short-lived as the patrol stopped.

Something had spooked them, he held his breath, time ticked by slowly. The sound of his blood pumping in his ears was deafening, surely they could hear it? The long grass initially had seemed to offer incredible cover, now he felt naked, totally exposed. He let his breath slowly out, why were they still standing there? He could hear the murmur of conversation, it was too low to make out words but he could see they were becoming more agitated. Another second passed, followed painfully slowly by another, still no movement. The pressure was too much, the urge to run was building, he considered making a break for it but he knew he would not make it far before being caught. It was not the being caught that scared him, he had been caught before.

Harken closed his eyes and concentrated on being invisible, his body wanted to betray him, each ache was magnified, each breath he took designed to betray him. Desperately he fought for control, he could not give in to his fear, the battle felt epic but the outcome was taken from his hands. A sudden gust of wind parted the long grass just long enough to give him away. The captain of the patrol shouted out and Harken opened his eyes, each member of the patrol was looking at him, twelve spears raised and ready to be thrown. Standing, he raised his arms to show he was unarmed.

He was visibly shaking as he walked towards the captain, he could hear the laughter but refused to feel shame for his fear. These men had no concept of why he was so scared, he had been here before and he knew what was to come. The shaking became more pronounced and they laughed harder at him, he could barely put one foot in front of the other. He wondered how pathetic he must look to these men, cowering in the bushes and then struggling to walk. All they could see was an unarmed man, alone and vulnerable, someone to provide them with entertainment.

Finally he stood quaking in front of the captain. It was close now, he could see it in the eyes of the brute staring at him, contempt and malice. The rest of the patrol started to egg the captain on but he did not need any encouragement, he drew his arm back. Harken could see the blow coming only peripherally as his eye were locked with the captains. He could not understand the blind rage he was confronted with, he had done nothing to encourage this.

Harken watched that look change as it had on previous occasions to shock, pain and then fear as he effortlessly caught the blow and answered with one of his own straight to the throat. There was no fear now of what was to happen, he was committed. These men had seen a man with no weapon and obviously scared. They had seen no threat, now they would pay the price for their arrogance and hatred. Harken did not carry a weapon, he was a weapon. He was fluid death, flowing through their ranks. Not one man was left alive, Harken looked at his blood soaked fingers and cried, for the lives he had taken and the stain on his soul.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Treasure Hunt

The sun was high in the sky, he felt like he had been walking forever. He was tired, thirsty and hungry, but he persevered, the pay day would be worth it. No one had made it this far, not that he was aware of anyway. His Mother-in-Law had unwittingly sent him on this quest. A gift for his birthday, typically thoughtless, just a book she had picked seemingly at random from the shelf of a second hand book store. The title though had peaked his interest, 'Lost treasures of the Modern World' and flicking through it he had read stories of treasures including a Diamond, Ruby, a Priceless work of Art.

The book had inspired him, he had been in a bit of a funk, drifting along, aimless. He found himself wanting more, perhaps if he could find one of these treasures, he could reclaim his life. Looking more closely through the book he found a story of a treasure close to home, little was known and it was more of an urban myth. There was a poem that was supposed to unlock the secret, no one had managed to understand how though. The book detailed a few of the more famous attempts to find the uncertain treasure, He was surprised at how many people had given it a go considering the lack of clarity as to the nature of the prize.

The repeated failures and lack of solid proof had led to this treasure being largely taken as a fiction. However to him it was a life line and he clung to it, like a child gripping the handle bars on their first ride. He had spent time at the Library, researching and taken to hiking out into the countryside, his fitness had improved, he had more energy and he had rediscovered his drive and sense of self. It had all led to this point, the hunt. His excitement had been so high as he had set off, full of hope and energy. Now nearly six hours into his hike, the reality of the task had worn away at his enthusiasm.

He could feel the sweat as it trickled down his face, the burn in his calf muscles as he climbed this hill, that seemed to go on and on. He distracted himself by going over the Poem in his mind...

For treasure so pure,
Seek the right way.
Check your face to be sure,
A shadow can make you sway.
Can you look beyond beauties allure,
To find what you seek and take away?
A simple little poem and it played over and over in his mind as he climbed this final stretch, he had pinned all his hopes on his understanding of this little riddle. Was he right? He would soon be in position to find out, he checked his watch and picked up his pace. The excitement started to return, feeding strength to his tired limbs, there was no time to stop and free the water bottle from his pack. He looked up at the sun nearly at its peak, and he stumbled over a loose rock causing debris to slide down the side of the mountain and kicking up dust. He cursed his carelessness and looked once to the ground, picking his path with care.

He was sure this was the right place from the poem, from what he had deciphered so far he took 'Face' to mean mountain face, and although this was only just classed as a mountain its formation at the top resembled a profile of a face as well. He had climbed the face that had the full force of the sun and had waited for a day like this, with not a cloud in the sky. He was just below what would be the chin now. He stopped and shrugged the pack from his pack. It was a relief not to be carrying the weight and he rotated his arms in their sockets. He had about five minutes, taking the water bottle he finally took a long swallow of the luke warm liquid.

As the water slid down his parched throat, he caught sight of a glinting. It was so brief that he nearly missed it. He put down the bottle and looked again, but could not locate the source until he tilted his head back as if he was going to take another swig. There just above a boulder he could see the glint again. He was just about to head off the source of the glint when he remembered the words of the poem. Looking beyond the glint he squinted and strained his eyes, not sure what he was looking for. Then he noticed the crevice between a couple of rocks, if he had been stood anywhere else he would never have noticed it.

He made the climb stopping to check the source of that glint. It was truly beautiful, the quartz catching the sun, it had obviously been place just so, it was worth a lot in its own right. As beautiful as it was he wanted to know what awaited in the crevice. Climbing on, he reached the crevice and peered in. It was too dark to see, he put his hand in and felt around, there, his fingers brushed past something that felt like fabric. Grasping it, he pulled the small bundle free. He pulled the material free and found himself looking upon a Ruby the size of an egg...

Friday, 12 July 2013

The disagreement

Mary looked into his clear blue eyes, like sun kissed waters. How many times had she lost herself their ocean like depths? Not this time, this time she would be strong, strong enough to do what must be done. Life had been good for a while, he had not seemed like all the others, he was special. Mary had allowed herself to open up, the fragile petals of her soul blossoming in his radiance. His healing warmth gently coaxing her out of her self imposed prison. That warmth had all to quickly turned into a searing heat of destruction.

Mary paced the room, agitated and conflicted. He sat there watching her, calm now, his eyes never left her. He had not been so calm earlier, his rage had been terrifying as the argument had raged. She could almost see the huge waves crashing in his eyes as he his temper became a hurricane against her, at her. The was a sense of peace at the moment, Mary was not sure if that would continue much longer. A decision had to be made and it all hinged on the answer he gave to her question.

He had not tried to say anything yet, Mary felt pleased he was not rushing an answer, but angry that his response had not be an immediate positive resolution. Stopping her pacing now, Mary fixed him with a stare,
"Well? enough is enough!, you have kept me waiting for too long" she noted the conflict on his face as he tried to think of his words. There was real fear there too, Mary knew he was scared of saying the wrong thing.
"I am waiting" to emphasise the point Mary crossed her arms and tapped her foot. He opened his mouth to speak.

Although his mouth opened, no words came out. A faint croak, as he tried to convey his answer. Well this was Just Perfect!, Mary felt her anger crest once more.
"You only have yourself to blame, all that shouting at me, all those hurtful things you said" Mary felt tears well up and her voice crack as she spoke. This was supposed to be the love of her life, how then could he hurt her so?
"you have really hurt me, you know" she said wiping her tears away.
He nodded agreement and Mary could see the concern in his eyes. She wanted him to enfold her once more in his arms, and whisper lovingly in her ear that 'it would all be okay' but that would not happen now!

She looked at him again and decided that she could not trust him, despite the tears making their way down his face. He had hurt her too much, no matter how sorry he was now, the damage had been done. Mary had made her decision and felt relief flood through herself. She explained to him that he had ruined her trust, if only he had not been late home from the pub. Although he had explained he had lost track of time, she knew he was cheating on her. As Mary spoke she could see the worry building behind his cold blue eyes. Had she ever really wanted to drown in those depths?

Holding the syringe up to the light she flicked the side and pushed the plunger to ensure no air was trapped. He tried to move away, panic on his features, tied to the chair he had nowhere to go. As Mary inserted the needle into his vein she said to him

"don’t look on this as your death, but rather my rebirth...."

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The investigation

The wind caused the flowing organza curtains to billow as it passed through the shattered window. Broken glass littered the room, a blanket of chaos, sharp and dangerous. Through the window, tall pristine buildings could be seen. His attention was not on the view but on the mess around him. Something had happened here, in this house on the hill, something strange and he was not sure what.

Glass crunched underfoot as he surveyed the room. A jovial squeak, completely out of place startled him. On the floor a rubber toy, a space alien stared up at him. Any other time and he might have smiled, startled by a toy. But something was not right, there was a feeling of dread, hanging n the air. Something bugged him about the toy but he could not put his finger on it. He tried to put it out of his mind, this niggling feeling, but it was insistent.

Shifting his focus from the toy, he tried to make sense of what happened. The police had been and gone, the family had then called him in. He was always called in cases that had supernatural leanings. The séance that had been held in this room needed his attention. He tried to piece together the evening.

He stood still, like a statue in the middle of the room. He let his mind roam free while he centred his power. He felt the shift as he stepped forward in his mind. He was not able to explain to others what he did, no one would believe him anyway. He was able to step from his body, not in a physical way. Out of his body he was able to finally ignore the pain in his knee, his headache disappeared and he knew his body was resting and healing.

Applying more focus he watched the glass on the floor vibrate, shimmering and shaking. His eyes narrowed as his concentration intensified. The shimmering steadied and the glass all around him began to glide smoothly from him. In reality it was still on the floor, what he saw was a shadow of the past. He caused the flow to speed up, glass danced through the air catching the light. He turned towards the window but too late.

It was already whole, but a dark shadow was the other side of the glass. He walked slowly forward, concentration causing a bead of sweat to form at his brow. The he willed focus and clarity but as always he was me with resistance. There was always a fuzziness about the visions he saw, it was worse as time wore on. It was as if time itself started to forget what had happened. He was at the window now.

He focused again, and nearly screamed aloud. Snapping into clarity just for a split second was pure evil. Blackness clung to it, darkness was it's armour, and without wings it flew. It had short dark hair all over its body with one exception, the talons, which were wickedly sharp looking. The size of this creature was around four feet tall, not imposing but still terrifying. Looking at this shade of the past, he felt his legs turn to jelly. Never had he encountered anything like this, he knew he should get out of there and right now. Something caused him to pause though, that niggling feeling he was missing something.

Turning around slowly, he searched the room for the source of his concern. He just could not seem to scratch that itch. He relaxed his mind and started to step back to his body. As he felt the broken glass beneath his feet once more it realisation hit him. He knew. He had to get out of the room and fast. It was darker now, the sun was sinking over the horizon, how long had he been absent from his body?. Running now, through the door, he heard laughter behind him. Mocking and twisted, the sound followed behind him.

The squeaky toy not in the room before the glass had broken. He remembered again the sound it had made as he stood on it. No longer did it seem jovial, now it seemed sinister and out of place. It had niggled at him because the occupants of this flat had no pets or children, why did they have a toy? He was breathing hard, fear held his lungs in a vice. Through the kitchen he ran, towards the door. Glass smashed and red splattered the wall in front of him. He did not stop, stopping was death. He crashed through the door, relieved it was not his blood but rather red wine that stained the wall.

Turning he new what he would see, evil stood before him in the doorway. Talons flexing as it seemed to weigh up options for attack. It smiled revealing a row of sharp pointy teeth, it mocked him with its laughter as it took a step towards him.....