Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The Fountain

This is a longer piece than my other works and is more of a complete story. I enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoy reading it too.

This turned out to be a holiday that they would never forget. This is a voyage of discovery with a sexy twist, three women, three coins and three very different sexy lessons to learn.

The Fountain by [Steory, R.T.]

Tales For the Bedroom.

This is a collection of 13 stories that differ from a lot of other books available. Effort has been made to ensure each tale can be read over and over and still leave you gasping for more.

If you are looking for more from your erotica then this is the book for you. Tastefully written and very sexy, with a strong leaning towards romance. Each tale can easily be read in one electric sitting, but be warned, you will be wanting more...

I hope you enjoy these stories and you find they inspire your own, 'Tales for the Bedroom'....

Tales for the Bedroom by [Steory, R.T.]

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Summer Memories

I included all the words I was given: hiccups, underestimate and heatwave. I also tried to cover off both genres Romance and tragedy. So here it is, feel free to leave a comment 😀.......

Beth was a wonder, every day he loved her more. There was nothing he would not do for her and he had known it from the very first moment he had seen her. It had been in the middle of a heatwave, during his lunch break. He had walked to the park just to get out of his cramped and stuffy office. It appeared that everyone had the same idea, it was crowded with lots of uncomfortable people seeking some respite from the crazy heat.

It was then that he had heard the sound of laughter, light and carefree. Turning he saw a glimpse of Beth before the crowd closed in again. That glimpse was enough, he fell in love in an instant. Her face alight with joy, her arms open as she turned beneath a cascade of water. He only glimpsed her for a moment but even now three years later he could vividly conjure up every detail. The floral dress, soaked tight against her lithe body. Her long black hair hanging down to frame the most beautiful face he had ever seen. She captured the very essence of the English rose, pale skin and a spattering of freckles.

That she was beautiful was beyond doubt. It was more than just her looks that captured his heart though. It was her carefree spirit, the joyous sound of her laughter and a million of things not to be underestimated. Beth had stolen his heart at that moment and still possessed it wholly now. He wished now, as he had a million times over the last three years he had said something to her sooner than this. But he had not and those three years, getting to know the kind generous person she was, had enriched his life so much.

Now on their very first date he held his hands to Beth’s face and told her the truth. Time was against them, he kissed her gently on the lips, before wiping her tears from her eyes, the kiss was all to brief, but he tried to convey the depth of his feelings. He took in her features, memorising every detail of her perfection. If this was the time they had then he was not going to waste a moment thinking about regrets.

It had not turned out to be the greatest of first dates, you might expect something to go wrong but In terms of hiccups he had to admit this was a big one. Hearing her say that she loved him, made him glad he had found the courage to say those three simple words “take me instead”. He was hauled roughly away from her and made to kneel in front of the theatre. He never heard the gunshot that killed him, he was already lost in memories, of one hot summer.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Candlelight to delight

He had sat through dinner, looking over the table at the vision that was Billierosie. She was stunning, dressed in a black dress with a plunging neck line that hinted at the most perfect breasts he had ever seen. He was lucky to know this was a fact. He had enjoyed the feel of her small hard nipples, the way she moaned in pleasure and gasped in pain when he nipped them with his teeth. God even the thought of it got him so hard it hurt.

This was their anniversary, three glorious years together. He had booked this restaurant as it was a favourite of hers for a candlelit moment. He was regretting being here at the moment though. The candle flickering, making shadows dance. The light playing across her features, the way she was tilting her head slightly as she looked at him. That half smile that drove him crazy, were all working together to make him wish he had suggested a romantic night in.

To make matters worse, he had caught sight of her underwear as she had stepped into her dress. Her panties opaque, tight over her sex, teasing and tempting. Right now those panties were under the table, tantalisingly close yet achingly far away. He was finding it hard to concentrate on what she was saying and Billierosie new it. She was toying with him, every gesture, every phrase a subtle innuendo.

He tried to listen but he was imagining pulling her panties to one side, he could almost smell the musky scent of her sex. The taste of her on his tongue, the thrust of her hips to meet his eager mouth. It was no good, he called the waiter over and settled the bill. Billierosie was laughing as he pulled her from the restaurant, straight into a taxi. He gave the address, thrust far too much money at the driver and pulled her into a passionate embrace. He ached to explore her body with his hands but held himself in check.... barely.

Finally they were home. Shutting the door behind him he pulled her around and pushed her against it so hard it made her gasp. He hitched her dress up, running his hand up her thigh. He kissed her hard as he pulled her panties aside, his fingers rubbing against her sex. Billierosie moaned in desire and this sent him over the edge. Undoing his trousers he picked her up, Billierosie hooking her legs around him as he impaled her.

He thrust hard into her, there was no grace, just an animal need. The two of them locked together, hands exploring, grasping and pulling. He tried holding back, but his orgasm was an avalanche that could not be restrained. He felt himself flow deep inside her as she bit down on his shoulder, her own orgasm rocking though her.  They collapsed to the floor, bodies entwined, gathering themselves, ready for the long luxurious night ahead.

Friday, 13 January 2017


Beautiful I will always find you,
An inspiring and uplifting sight.
My feelings unbidden they grew,
Launched to the sky they took flight.
You are wonderful its time you knew,
In a dark world you are the light.


It is not always tidy,
It is not always clean.
It sees the worst of you,
But its never mean.

It will offer you refuge,
A place to sleep.
It will provide you comfort,
when you need to weep.

It will fill with laughter,
Be a place to have fun.
It will keep your memories,
All those days in the sun.

It gives a sense of security,
Wherever you may roam.
It will always be there,
There is no place like home.


When times are hard and you are feeling low.
Think of your friends and your smile will grow.

They will pick you up
and dust you down.
Do whatever it takes to erase your frown.

So lets give thanks to them one and all,
Hold them in our hearts and once more walk tall.